Do others define related tags like I do ?

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Seth says

source: How should the relationships between tags be defined, and by whom?
"if A's related tags are said to be B and C, B's related tags aren't necessarily A and C."
+ diagram showing a difference between and technocrati

Seth says
source: Flicker related tags browser
a must see

Seth says
Ever wanted to see what posts are related to other posts, what tags are related to others? Now you can! Just check under the Tag description on most tag pages, like this one, or this one, and you'll see the patterns. Can you smell the emergence?

Mark de LA says
Emergence is an interesting idea. Do you remember a play by that name called "The Emergence" we saw in S.F. The only thing I remember about it was the scene with the "dusting dancers" ... I think it was pre PJ2

Seth says
yes, emergence is a facinating topic ... check out the santa fe institute if you are not already familure with the topic. 

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