Eric Holder Parses the Meaning of Lying

About: holder says definition of "lying" to congress depends on "state of mind" - youtube

We all remember Bill Clinton parsing the meaning of the word "IS".  Here is Eric Holder's moment (see the about link).  Below is more on the recent emails released by the DOJ in last week's document dump on the "Fast & Furious" debacle where one of our border control agents was shot & killed with the guns that were let across the border. Apparently someone (who?) wants to argue against guns again & make stricter legislation so that law abiding people lose more of their rights to possess guns. Apparently you are only lying if in your mind you intend to lie. 


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Mark de LA says
Hmnmnm... maybe he prematurely sent a memo to Congress before he found a better truth.

Mark de LA says
As the race card is played more & more often with this administration it begins to be like the man that cried "wolf". Nobody will give a shit anymore - even when it might be legitimate. It's a good thing in view of my 714.  Maybe in reality there is no excuse for Holder not coming clean & disclosing his part & others' in the fast & furious disaster. When you can't argue the merits of your case argue the legitimacy of the evidence or the party that presented it - as every lawyer knows.

Mark de LA says
... Special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald spent months investigating Bush & Cheney to no avail even after they knew Richard Armitage was the one responsible for the leak; finally hanging Libby out to dry for lying - the only thing they could get anyone on. Why can't we get to the bottom of this scandal?
Source: ...

Border Patrol agents, who have since been issued gag orders, were overheard at Terry’s funeral discussing the third gun.

“The idea that the border patrol agents were issued gag orders and not allowed to talk about this is very telling,” Pavlich said in an interview with the Free Beacon.

An email sent less than 12 hours after Terry’s death also mentioned the weapon.

Finally, an audio recording of a discussion between Andre Howard, owner of Lone Wolf Trading Company, and ATF agent Hope MacAllister also references a third gun.

The investigation of Fast and Furious revealed that at least six FBI informants were involved in the operation, as well as an unknown number of DEA informants. Pavlich claims in her book that a confidential source told her the FBI hid the third gun from evidence because it was linked to a confidential informant or the brother of the informant.

“The reason they’re covering up the third gun is because it could lead to the confidential informant,” Pavlich said. “They’re protecting him at the cost of justice to Brian Terry and his family. I am not an expert on what confidential informants are allowed to get away with, but I guarantee they’re not allowed to kill federal agents.”

... new informant or gun belonging to someone who can testify about the matter, maybe.

Mark de LA says
BTW, there is an ICE agent, Jaime Zapata, killed in Mexico who also was killed in this obamanation:
source: ...

The 32-year-old Zapata and fellow ICE agent Victor Avila, who was wounded, were attacked on Feb. 15, 2011, by gunmen working for the Los Zetas drug cartel while driving from Mexico City to the northern city of Monterrey.

The two agents, who were assigned to the ICE attache office in Mexico City, were driving an armored vehicle when they were attacked in San Luis Potosi

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