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The EPA takes control of power generation while the Department of Energy fails miserably to supply all our energy needs with clean, renewable energy or whatever their plan is.  BTW, does anyone know what their grand energy plan is?  Meanwhile China & India whose economies are booming have no such restrictions on their use of coal.  They must be laughing all the way to the bank. It isn't everyday that you can get all your competitors to self-destruct based on junk science.


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Mark de LA says
Government sponsored successes: (NOT)


FLASHBACK: Obama gave company $500M federal loan for cars built in Finland!

Mark de LA says
source: ... LanzaTech, a New Zealand-based biofuel company, paid $5.1 million for the plant in Soperton. Its main financial backer: Vinod Khosla, a California entrepreneur who also bankrolled Range Fuels, and helped secure its government loans, before Range went bust last year.
More Obama administration failures: Georgia ethanol plant sold, at taxpayers' loss

Sounds like collusion.

Mark de LA says
& now that taxpayer bailout, fails & the production said to go to China. AND

Mark de LA says
Some think of the Chevy Volt as a "coal-powered" vehicle since the electricity it uses & probably a lot of the manufacturing power to produce it comes from coal. Yea environmentalism!

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