My problem with recycling oil and grease from my kitchen

I got this metal container about a year ago and now it is full of cooking grease and oil ready to recycle.  The last time i emptied it by taking it to a Burger King and begging the manager to accept it, which she did.  There was just something about that which didn't feel right to me, not to mention that it is unreliable and the next manager i would encounter probably will not accept it. 

Unfortunately the container itself is leaking.  If you look closely at the bottom of the container you can see the oil leaking out on the counter. Why metal does not reliably hold oil is quite a question, but apparently it does not. 

Anyway i need to get rid of this. 

Apparently i can mix it with kitty litter and put it in the Food Waste container and the city will pick it up and take it to the

... to be continued

source: King County Waste Acceptance rule
6.21 Grease. Grease and fats from restaurants and other commercial sources should be disposed at rendering facilities. Materials not suitable for rendering may be accepted at the Cedar Hills Landfill or other designated facility and must be accompanied by a Waste Clearance Decision. Large quantities of grease or fats from residential sources (i.e. deep-fat turkey fryers) must be solidified by mixing with cat litter, wood chips, or other absorbent material prior to disposal.

Where are these so called "rendering facilities" in my area?

This problem has been solved .  The General Biodiesel collection bin for cooking oil and greae is in the Waste Management facility across the street from the Renton Concrete Recycling facility at 501 Monster Road.  I have actually been to this facility many times and taken many pictures but just didn't know it was there.   

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Seth says
M 2012-01-12 14:19:28 15762
seth 2012-01-12 14:10:33 15762
M 2012-01-12 13:15:56 15762
What happened to Daryl Hannah & all her bio-diesel fuel compatriots - none in Washington state?
That sounds like a political question.  This is real world problem solving zone.  The basic problem is that i have not yet found the way to recycle this waste and it is becoming a hazard in my kitchen.  Buying kitty litter so that it can go in the landfill does not appeal to me.  More research is needed. 

The other problem is what kind of container to use that will not leak when it is filled up.
Not political at all. I watched Daryl on TV & some of her friends & they had to go begging to fast food places to get deep fat fryer grease to power their cross country adventure.  That was several years ago.  If the movement was going to spread then there s/b a few out there who would want the grease.  Maybe not!  Anyway, Your metal container has seams & that is prolly where it leaks.  Car repair places have containers for their own discarded oil. Maybe they can tell you where one is or a junkyard.  Otoh, you could get an old 55 gal drum and temporary store the oil in a heavy duty plastic container. Periodically funnel it into the 55 gal drum & have a recycler pick it up when full.  Incidentally, I have very little excess grease in a vegan diet & don't have enough to store & recycle. Roasting veggies in aluminum foil is quicker & needs less oil & is much less fattening - keep the juices for sauces etc.

I do wish i could find a local oil/grease recycling plant ... via Daryl's efforts or otherwise.  I need to do some more googeling.

Most of the grease in my container came from grilling hamburgers for Jason just about every day and some of it is from baking bacon ... but Jason's appitite changed ... now i make him a pizza or a knockworst wrapped in pretzel which doesn't make any waste grease.  A lot of it came from me finally discarding spent deep frying oil. I don't do a lot of that but based upon the culture in this family am not prepared to totally exclude it.   But yes changing diet such that less grease is produced would inevitably change the predicament. 

I think i'll prolly try the roasting in aluminum foil today, as i am going to make another pass on my red, yellow, green ball portobello.  How do you apply the oil, or do you?

Seth says
Saturday i went by a recycling plant on Rainier Avenue ... i asked them if they knew of a place in Seattle where they recycle (process into ethanol) oil and grease ... they didn't have a clue. 

so still looking ...

Seth says
M 2012-01-16 14:06:52 15762
M 2012-01-16 14:01:42 15762
seth 2012-01-16 10:46:02 15762
Saturday i went by a recycling plant on Rainier Avenue ... i asked them if they knew of a place in Seattle where they recycle (process into ethanol) oil and grease ... they didn't have a clue. 

so still looking ...
I suspect you need to contact environmental groups rather than disposal people.

or maybe use it for fuel if you can collect more:
Not at all, it is definitely a "disposal people" kind of problem ... see solution at bottom of main item above.  The problem has been solved.   Now i'm thinking of getting a ceramic container to keep on the counter that will not leak.  It doesn't need to be as big as the last as i can go down to Monster road whenever it is threatening to fill up.

Seth says
Davidrichard 2012-11-22 02:03:21 15762
I am new to the blogging stuff so i do not have any idea to express my thoughts over here. Please share more information.

Grease recycling at envirotub

I had orginally thought this was spam ... but it i on target here.   But your containers are for restaurants, what i am looking for is something for my kitchen.  There is still one problem ... all kitchen sink containers that i have tried so far inevitably will leak ... even though they are made of metal.  I'm don't know why, but they do, even with no seam.  What the world needs now is some kind of counter top grease container that will never leak.   Do you know of any?

Si says
Many kinds of metal are not good storage containers for used oil, especially cooking oil, because the oil contains acids from the foods that were cooked in it. These acids tunnel pin holes in the seals in the metal, and with some metals, even right though the metal itself.

Better to use plastic for used cooking oil.  

Stainless steel is next best, but of course, never ever use bleach or any chlorine based cleaner to clean stainless steel … it creates chloride pitting which even in thick pots can become holes right through them. Many of my different wives over the years have had this happen to their pots, before I told them about chloride pitting. (Learned about it in the Navy … it was a big issue for the Stainless Steel the Nuclear Reactor was made out of).

Again … plastic is better for anything except solvents that can dissolve plastic. If you like the looks of the metal can, then consider lining it with a thick plastic bag … 3 mil or thicker.  

Seth says
i have found this true.   nevertheless i have yet to find the perfect container for my kitchen.  right now i am using a heavy ceramic one and it is kind of working ok, but when it gets too full, there is still some seepage, so i have to empty it more often … and cook not to produce too much oil wastage.  the other problem is what to do when it gets full … which problem i have dealt with above.  right now it is about 1/3 full and is mostly bacon grease which solidifies and is not creating a problem … and sauteeing greens in bacon grease has cut down on that a lot. 

interesting how much  #mosaic i can see from this little #edge in my #kitchen.

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