Major Problem - Shit #3

The morning dump uncovered a problem with large organizations viz. the government, big corporations, the UN, union conglomerates, political parties, the M$M (main stream media) & the like.  They all in large & small ways have lost touch with with the people they serve. This major challenge can change by introducing forces which come from the bottom upwards & encouraging a major surge in individual participation.


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C says
source: ... What explains the appeal of development ideology despite its dismal track record? Ideologies usually arise in response to tragic situations in which people are hungry for clear and comprehensive solutions. The inequality of the Industrial Revolution bred Marxism, and the backwardness of Russia its Leninist offshoot. Germany's defeat and demoralization in World War I birthed Nazism. Economic hardship accompanied by threats to identity led to both Christian and Islamic fundamentalism. Similarly, development ideology appeals to those who want a definitive, complete answer to the tragedy of world poverty and inequality. It answers the question, "What is to be done?" to borrow the title of Lenin's 1902 tract. It stresses collective social outcomes that must be remedied by collective, top-down action by the intelligentsia, the revolutionary vanguard, the development expert. As Sachs explains, "I have … gradually come to understand through my scientific research and on the ground advisory work the awesome power in our generation’s hands to end the massive suffering of the extreme poor … although introductory economics textbooks preach individualism and decentralized markets, our safety and prosperity depend at least as much on collective decisions."
... Add the IMF & development ideaology to the list in the main event.
Like I've said before fix the economy independent of governments to fuck with & peace will break out all over the world.  Keep governments involved & the shit hits the fan over & over again.

C says
seth 2012-01-20 15:32:13 15774
Yes as organizations grow and age and become too large the relationship they had to their original intention decays.  Sometimes they end up working 180 degrees against what started them.  Would that they would just pop like a bubble ... but unfortunately they do not.
Well the Fannie May & Freddie Mac conglomerate did pop, but unfortunately some thought it too big to fail & propped it back up w/ bonuses. What happens when the USA bubble of government pops? I prefer seamless evolutionary correstions in a dynamic balance designed into systems rather than pops.

Mark de LA says
But you sound like you are a communist! & ... you seem to ignore the distinction private property! Someone (Ron Paul) in the Wikipedia bio: ... He came to believe that what the Austrian School economists wrote was becoming true on August 15, 1971, when President Richard Nixon "closed the gold window" by implementing the U.S. dollar's complete departure from the gold standard.[18]
That same day, the young physician decided to enter politics, saying later, "After that day, all money would be political money rather than money of real value. I was astounded."[19]
... That train has already left. What is your solution ? Another Bolshevik revolution? Like the article says these failed solutions of the past continue to fail!

Mark de LA says
BTW, Wealth does not belong to the Government.  The Government is a taker - not a producer.  It produces nothing! If everyone not in government went on strike nothing would happen & the country would grind down to a stop.

Mark de LA says
Why does a person decide to become a politician if not to run other people's lives & decide how other people should do things whether they agree or not?  The notion of serving people is a distinction lost in polemics & egos.
There was quite a revelation in the article from Foreign Policy - I hope you read it.  

Mark de LA says
.. & Now world government of economic elete gather in the name of fixing outdated capitalism?

Davos elites to seek reforms of 'outdated' capitalism...

Mark de LA says
Here is a compendium of topics on the World Economic Forum from Breitbart: .... all this because money lost it's value & is now all political, eh? 

Mark de LA says
Money in Politics: The Unions -

Mark de LA says
Yo dude! Wealth does not just hang around in some disembodied ether - it is created and owned.  Only the Obamanation puffs it out of thin air & future generations! Your posts are continuously coming from the perspective that you can have something to do with it other than that which YOU create & own on your own.  Didn't go for the envy thing (see the occupy movement) for that. Go for reading what I said!

Mark de LA says
Dude!  The whole wealth strawman has nothing to do with the many bulleted points I labored to put into the body of this item.  Your are OT!!!!! ... PUT IT SOMEWHERE ELSE.   This topic is about large organizations being out of touch with their members.

Mark de LA says
The TRIPS agreement is also part of the AFTA which references it a lot. This is almost as hard to figure out as the whole Geneva Convention

Mark de LA says
See 15788 and the conversation about ACTA.  For some copyright is invalid & should be abolished.  My experience in the Far East was that China, Hong Kong & other places routinely copied USA books & media & sold it. It was up to the customs agents in the country of receipt to prosecute. The lack of transparency speaks for itself as far as losing touch with constituents & open government.

These are some references to the trade agreement.

Mark de LA says
State governments are as large as some sovereign country governments. The purpose of the Republic form of government is getting lost in relationship to the federal government by the flow of taxes & the flow of aid & the control of commerce by the feds. One should limit state governments as well as federal ones.
nota bene: news of the day for California that prompted some of this:

Mark de LA says
The United Nations should be unfunded until it can get together on principles & values which are more universal to humanity than sovereignty. Apparently a dictator killing his citizens is not disturbing to all its members:
source: ... The Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, who had been highly critical of Western attempts to force through a resolution but had stopped short of saying he would veto it, discussed the issue with US secretary of state Hillary Clinton in Munich. He was said to have submitted the additional amendment dropping the demand for tanks and artillery to be withdrawn, part of the first Arab League peace plan agreed with Syria in November, only on Friday night.

"Our amendments do not demand any extreme efforts," he said. "If our colleagues display a constructive approach, we will get a collective Security Council resolution that I am certain all countries without exception will sign on to."

He said Russia could not support any resolution that "took sides" in a civil war.

Susan Rice, the US ambassador to the United Nations, said the amendments were "unacceptable".

The draft has already been watered down from the original, which repeated almost verbatim an Arab League timetable for Mr Assad to cede powers to his deputy, oversee the formation of a unity government with the opposition, and hold elections within six months.

... The government of Syria has a solution for losing touch with her people - KILL THEM!

Mark de LA says
China clarifies her position:
China says the resolution put undue emphasis on pressuring the Syrian government and prejudged the result of any dialogue between the parties in Syria.

The veto also appears to be rooted in China's deep-seated opposition to humanitarian interventions, which stems from its elevation of national sovereignty above all and concerns about its vulnerabilities over the restive western regions of Xinjiang and Tibet.

China's rare abstention last year from the U.N. vote over a Libyan no-fly zone was later regretted by Chinese diplomats, who said NATO far overstepped its mandate and pledged not to permit any U.N. measures that could lead to similar action over Syria.

Read more:
... The same goes for Russia & her problems in Georgia etc. as well as the fact that she has a common border with Iran which supplies Syria with arms.

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