life as a conversation

The distinction "life as a conversation" agrees a lot with Seth's idea that truth depends on the group you are in.  Rather than try to digest several hundred hours of seminars & conversations into a single paragraph, I condense it down to: life & life's meanings consists of what conversation is running around in our own heads and those of the groups we participate in including our friends, bosses, spouses, what's in the news & those who lead & follow us, etc.

Indeed from earliest childhood our distinctions usually arrive by our parents pointing at something and giving it a name: "BooBoo, that's a chair..." etc.  Later on others do the job in a more complex form of language and so the beat goes on!

The point is that this the stuff that makes up our realities. If I have a conversation running around in my mind that there are 70 virgins waiting for me to martyr myself & that the deity of Allah is going to reward me if I blow up a whole bunch of Infidels then I am likely to go out & do that (presuming I want & know what to do with 70 virgins!)


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Mark de LA says
Conversations & memes play in the same sandbox! Start your own to accomplish something good for the World and your fellow human beings!

Seth says
this is a good item.  conversation or dialogue,( whether self-self or self-group or self-culture) , is a subject and a activity that is dear to my heart and many of the things that i have been groping twards in my life.  hopefully over time this tool will help us tease out some of very interesting conversations that evolve into actions.

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