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      The conundrum for me on this one is whether it is even a waste of time to try to open the eyes of my friends of the liberal persuasion by fact checking the article above about Margaret Sanger and the Planned Parenthood.
      You can, of course, go to the Wikipedia & look up Margaret Sanger and find out that she believed in eugenics, something called the Negro Project which she worked on with Clarence Gamble who believed in forced sterilization.
source: ... In other writings, historian Mike Perry found, Sanger attacked programs that provided “medical and nursing facilities to slum mothers” because they “facilitate the function of maternity” when “the absolute necessity is to discourage it.” In an essay included in her writing collection held by the Library of Congress, Sanger urged her abortion-clinic colleagues to “breed a race of thoroughbreds.” Nationwide “birth control bureaus” would propagate the proper “science of breeding” to stop impoverished, non-white women from “breeding like weeds.”
... c.f. perhaps Mike Perry on Margaret Sanger & here may validate the quote.
     More pertinent to the current Catholics paying for birth control controversy comes this quote from the article:
source: ... Sanger also elaborated on her anti-Catholic animus, telling one of Wallace’s reporters that New York Catholics had no right to protest the use of their tax dollars for city birth-control programs: “It’s not only wrong, it should be made illegal for any religious group to prohibit dissemination of birth control " even among its own members.” When Wallace pressed her (“In other words, you would like to see the government legislate religious beliefs in a certain sense?”), Sanger laughed nervously and disavowed the remarks.
... If you say that , well all this has changed & it is a new day with O I ask then what do the statistical demographics of abortion tell us? I think that Ms. Sanger is achieving her ends.  Maybe even she could also get rid of Catholics as well, eh?
     Are the ends & the means justified as true, beautiful & good?
     I say none of the above!


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Mark de LA says
BTW, any attempt to just besmirch the messenger or sources without substantial evidence will be summarily chopped without notice.

Mark de LA says
seth 2012-02-11 10:59:03 15806
It's hard for me to start a study of  the issue of contraception in this election with Margaret Sanger who was born in the 18th century and died 19th ... sorry her activities, for me, are not relevant to what is happening today.  

But i am confused, are republicans against contraception?  I don't think so ... so what really is the issue?
You ARE confused. Contraception AND abortion are still alive & well in her organization & others and effectively work in a eugenics way as she wanted still today! I don't speak for Republicans. I just think that the founder of Planned Parenthood would be proud of Obama BUT would Obama be as proud of her if he were to wake up to what she wanted?

Mark de LA says
 How many women or girls come to Planned Parenthood to plan parenthood?

Mark de LA says
Obama's idea is that, for some, having a baby is punishment for a mistake:

Mark de LA says
Suzie 2012-02-17 10:31:06 15806
Has anyone else tried the Foster Friess method of using aspirin for birth control? I did and i hope it worked. Unfortunately I broke up with boy friend coz he does not like doggy style :(
Yep, it rarely works because some prick usually comes around and picks the lock!

Mark de LA says
seth 2012-02-16 11:05:37 15806

Now I have shrunken your lie down to size!

Suzie says
Has anyone else tried the Foster Friess method of using aspirin for birth control? I did and i hope it worked. Unfortunately I broke up with boy friend coz he does not like doggy style :(

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
source: ... In Pennsylvania, abortion provider Kermit Gosnell is standing trial on charges of killing babies after they were born alive at his West Philadelphia clinic. He also is charged in the 2009 overdose death of a 41-year-old patient. Closing arguments in the case were set for Monday.

Mark de LA says


Mark de LA says
Few you could ask today know that the founder of Planned Parenthood was a eugenicist. eugenicist . The Third Reich was a government noted for carrying the idea to extremes.
I tend to support those things which actually support planning parenthood. I abhor those things they do to avoid parenthood after conception, but nevertheless piss off both sides with the idea that it is strictly between the woman & her God & nobody else including government or the taxpayers.
Here is a list of corporations & companies who contribute to what Planned Parenthood does:
  1. Adobe
  2. American Cancer Society
  3. American Express
  4. AT&T
  5. Avon
  6. Bank of America
  7. Bath & Body Works
  8. Ben & Jerry’s
  9. Clorox
  10. Coca-Cola
  11. Converse
  12. Deutsche Bank
  13. Dockers
  14. Energizer
  15. Expedia
  16. ExxonMobil
  17. Fannie Mae
  18. Ford
  19. Groupon
  20. Intuit
  21. Johnson & Johnson
  22. La Senza
  23. Levi Strauss
  24. Liberty Mutual
  25. Macy’s
  26. March of Dimes
  27. Microsoft
  28. Morgan Stanley
  29. Nike
  30. Oracle
  31. PepsiCo
  32. Pfizer
  33. Progressive
  34. Starbucks
  35. Susan G. Komen
  36. Tostitos
  37. Unilever
  38. United Way
  39. Verizon
  40. Wells Fargo


. says
I wonder what she would say about gay marriage

7) While advocating for the American Baby Code, she argued that marriage licenses should provide couples with the right to only “a common household” but not parenthood. In fact, couples should have to obtain a permit to become parents:

Article 3. A marriage license shall in itself give husband and wife only the right to a common household and not the right to parenthood.

Article 4. No woman shall have the legal right to bear a child, and no man shall have the right to become a father, without a permit for parenthood.

Article 5. Permits for parenthood shall be issued upon application by city, county, or state authorities to married couples, providing they are financially able to support the expected child, have the qualifications needed for proper rearing of the child, have no transmissible diseases, and, on the woman’s part, no medical indication that maternity is likely to result in death or permanent injury to health.

Article 6. No permit for parenthood shall be valid for more than one birth.

Mark de LA says
Planned parenthood has to smudge the charges in the video tape since they get 1/2 billion bucks from the taxpayers & crony capitalistic benefits. See also corporate welfare.  Let those who like abortions pay for the abortions. Crowd-fund them.

Simply put it is the business of the person owning the womb that is pregnant to consult her conscience & make the choice.  It is not that of the government, the legislature or congress or the supreme court at all; nor those of the states. It is also NOT the business of the taxpayers to fund it. The idea that it is just a HEALTH issue is bogus. It may be a womb-owner's right to choose, but is is NOT a taxpayer's responsibility to pay.

Si says

Simply put it is the business of the person owning the womb that is pregnant to consult her conscience & make the choice.

I agree with that statement 100%  It is unfortunate that you do not apply that statement globally to all of this issue … for everything else in this whole article is just chicken feed, and does not support your one true statement above no matter which side it was intended to be on.

Mark de LA says
I don’t know what you mean by your statement “globally to all of this issue” .  I am pointing at individualism & the individual choice.  I have always said that funding belongs with the individual not the taxes of everyone or churches which disagree.  I have also said that #selective-spending is the art of making change – hence the listing of those corporations. 

Mark de LA says
BTW, that which applies to the individual does not necessarily scale up to the entire group. The Golden Rule doesn’t scale up since no group all think or feel alike without #brain-washing.

Mark de LA says

FLASHBACK: Michelle O openly promoted rap artists who glorify misogyny, sexual objectification of women, date rape...

Si says
Fair enough. I see it like this. Once we conclude that “it is individual choice”, then the next step is to realize that all of it is individual choice. We each should be able to choose, not just about the pregnancy, but even about the funding. One individual should not be in another individuals business about how they do things, what they do, how they fund it, etc. If some people want to fund it by corporation or government and the corporation or government want to do that, it is between those entities … not the business of other individuals.

I agree that the current tax system makes that more difficult to swallow, but that is why I am also for a 100% value added tax system … then those that want things generally end up footing the bill for what they want … at least on average.

I think we should all be relating to subjects according to how we want that subject represented, not in relationship to what other subjects munge with it. The issue around who’s business this whole abortion thing is should be dealt with from that perspective only … not in relationship to tax laws. Even if they end up affecting each other, they are separate thoughts and thus should be treated individually … that way they have the highest possible degree of matching with what we want in the end.  

Mark de LA says
Pretty good except that is not the kind of crony capitalistic tax system we have. The one place where it definitely is a conundrum is the funding & going to war. ← rarely a  unanimous collective decision & → very late term abortions. 

Si says
Yes. War is a completely different thought, driven both individually and as a group by different emotions. I would not mix talking about war with this subject or it will just munge clear thinking.

I agree our current economic system is crony (and corny). And I think that some of the real reasons for that IS all the munging of separate thoughts that creates the out of control system. Thoughts should be dealt with as close to the impulse as possible, even when dealing with how to change what is there now … and everyone should stay out of everyone else’s business and choices except those choices one is making right now, in their life, their job, etc.

Mark de LA says
I think your tune creates mob violence:

Thoughts should be dealt with as close to the impulse as possible, even when dealing with how to change what is there now

Si says
I don’t think it does create mob violence at all. Dealing with thoughts as local and real time as possible is actually a more conscious process and reduces the potential for mob mentality.

Mobs may, in some cases, target such thinkers, but mobs target whatever they can anyway. One should not choose less valuable thinking practices out of fear of being mobbed. That would be de-evolution.  

Mark de LA says
Must have missed all the Black Lives Matter stuff. 

Si says
Didn’t miss it, but mostly ignored it, for similar reasons to what I started with on this thought … i.e. Black lives do matter to me … nearly all of the rest is out of my business and attempting to make it my business will only munge it up for everyone who is directly involved.

Seth says
what does Black Lives Matter have to do with nathan’s idea that …

Thoughts should be dealt with as close to the impulse as possible, even when dealing with how to change what is there now


… which seems to me to be a great rubric to avoid thinking too abstractly.

Mark de LA says
Black lives matter was a bunch of mob violence attendant to the emotions generated close to the problem of cop shootings – spot on example countering N’s tune.null

Si says
A lot of people have given #spin to that in a lot of different ways. I don’t know, I was not there, as a black life, as an officer, or as part of the mob. That’s my point … all this #spin is more likely to make it happen again than if the people involved deal with it in their own business … with the thoughts they are having now.

Mark de LA says
#LazyFair is good in some situations & complete Laissez-faire for the economic system is what I have been promoting for a long time.  However, as part of human social being too much #monadism is counter productive & looks like Big Ego:

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 22129

Si says
I agree about “too much monadism”. That is exactly why I advocate for following your excitement. Then you will naturally have just the right amount of involvement to match what you are in a position to deal with intelligently from your actual perspective and what is affecting you locally.

Mark de LA says
null was wondering when the #AlreadyAlways #LOA would pop up .  The excitement of the mob is what quite a few were following & they seemed fully invested.

Mark de LA says
My usual “there is no substitute for consciousness during these moments” still rings. 

Seth says
what do you mean by #monadism ?  … is it what this Wikipedia article is talking about ?

Si says
I agree Mark. Consciousness is key. I have explained before, many times, that mob frenzy is not the thing I am talking about when I say excitement. And I didn’t say #LOA, you did. This issue so far doesn’t need #LOA to talk about it.

Mark de LA says
follow your excitement is one of your mantras in discussions involving #LOA.
Anyway, here is an interesting discussion on the artist “Truth of Art” by JFK.  My take on similar is music, song & multimedia video etc.
Just a teaser the article has many paragraphs

[ Art as Form of Truth ]

If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him. We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth… In free society art is not a weapon and it does not belong to the spheres of polemic and ideology. – JFK

Si says
One does not need to subscribe to the idea that “what we think, we become” in order to recognize how the emotion of excitement enlivens our consciousness and conscious moments.

Mark de LA says – RS recently I spoke about it in relation to NB , Spirituality as a philosophy encompasses the aspects of all is being – monadism only gets up to the idea of individual units not connected – Sagittary . 

Mark de LA says
Wonderful proliferator, nathan – so what? sounds like you have gone so general that you evaporated from the topic #OT

Si says
You and I agree that being conscious is key. I am sure you can see how the true emotion of excitement is very useful in being conscious. It is the opposite of sleep, which is the most unconscious one can be, even when apparently awake … i.e. mob mentality is a good example of being asleep in ones consciousness.

Mark de LA says
Yep & there is deep sleep & rem sleep & lucid sleep. 

Seth says
one might inquire: what is the primary difference between being awake (conscious) and being asleep?

Si says
Definition of the experience.

And since one’s reality is their experience of it, the definition of the experience is a direct indicator of the quality of one’s reality. Is yours HD, or monochromatic still frames?

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