For the Privilege of Being Robbed by Geithner ....

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You get to hand over your money!
The slimeball who had to fix his own taxes before being appointed to the treasury speaks:

Some of us interpret his soundbyte of "unacceptable deeper cuts" as meaning more bread & circuses are needed during our re-election campaign.


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Mark de LA says
Also check out comments on 12204 for further context.

Mark de LA says
... & now what Geithner (still treasurer) hath recently robbed from you folks is being diverted from legitimate government to propping up the Medicare Advantage program for seniors so that they won't notice it lapse just before the election:
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But the administration’s devised a way to postpone the pain one more year, getting Obama past his last election; it plans to spend $8 billion to temporarily restore Medicare Advantage funds so that seniors in key markets don’t lose their trusted insurance program in the middle of Obama’s re-election bid.

The money is to come from funds that Health and Human Services is allowed to use for “demonstration projects.” But to make it legal, HHS has to pretend that it’s doing an “experiment” to study the effect of this money on the insurance market.

That is, to “study” what happens when the government doesn’t change anything but merely continues a program that’s been going on for years.

Obama can temporarily prop up Medicare Advantage long enough to get re-elected by exploiting an obscure bit of federal law. Under a 1967 statute, the HHS secretary can spend money without specific approval by Congress on “experiments” directly aimed at “increasing the efficiency and economy of health services.”

Past demonstration projects have studied new medical techniques or strategies aimed at improving care or reducing costs. The point is to find ways to lower the costs of Medicare by allowing medical technocrats to make efficient decisions without interference from vested interests.

Now Obama means to turn it on its head — diverting the money to a blatantly nonexperimental purpose to serve his political needs.

A Government Accounting Office report released this morning shows, quite starkly, that there simply is no experiment being conducted, just money being spent. Understandably, the GAO recommends that HHS cancel the project.

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Taxed to fund re-election?

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