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The core principle of selective spending is consciousness; being conscious during purchasing goods & services. I could also call it conscious spending & conscious capitalism. As I am conscious I align not only my world with the traditional virtues of truth, beauty & goodness I also have an impact for the same in the my economic World. Such can be said for my conscious attention & conscious media consumption.
Currently, the economy is driven by price. We tend to spend our own money for the lowest-priced merchandise & services we can find & for the highest quality of same within a price range. Sometimes price is all we are concerned with. Very few of us know much about the companies we purchase from or the people whose services we consume except, perhaps, what is supplied through advertising & imaging. At best we have word of mouth information. There are outfits like Consumer Reports & Medical Referrals but I would guess for the bulk of purchases these are just a small part. We have agents for things like houses where the weight is on the consumer & the pressure provided by the seller & the agent. Lastly there are boycotts & social media pressure groups who function to attack the corporations & businesses which provide services but fall out of favor for one reason or another with the public - usually due to something in the news.
There is a website with similar purpose but mostly from the libertarian free markets & responsible corporations point of view. What I am proposing is something directly from the individual point of view. Consider selective spending or conscious spending as a vote for your future & the future of the economy. This is apolitical in the context of separation of economics from government.
Perhaps I should have said that without the context of an economy that is a fully free domain independent of government it becomes politics. BTW, you can see how government via the channels of media & advertizing & lobbying has become the primary domain moving economics . Government is almost a commodity within the illusion of being representative of the people, by the people & for the people. These are the days when the overlap has reached a tipping point & individual choice & votes have to begin to mean something again.


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Mark de LA says
Hereafter I pose the question of how do we get the quantum field or the 100th monkey syndrom to pepetrate the econmic environment such that it represents our own individual consciousness in it's best angel?  
  • What can stimulate this as a positive incentive?
  • What information can be provided from the social networks?
  • What are some of the dynamic equilibria we need to consider?
  • How do we defend it & keep it out of the hands of government, lobbyists & monied interests? 

I await some feedback beyond my own brain.

Seth says
I think we need to understand the differences between individual consciousness and collective consciousness.  Many times when the former encounters the latter, it either doesn't recognize it as "consciousness" or totally abhors it.  Remember my sexual scandal in P2 ... i would say that was an example of me not liking a "collective consciousness" that was unjustly persecuting me.  I suspect that George Zimmerman is not liking the "collective consciousness" directed at him either ... and even I am part of that collective in thought.   Hence i think the human race needs a bit more evolution before there might emerge a collective consciousness, capitalistic or otherwise, that we all can become proud of.  I think social media and mobile media and the Internet are toying with this ... but we have a long way to go to reach your ideals.

That said, the basic assumption that there should be a "the" in a true reference to "the traditional virtues of truth, beauty & goodness" might just be a mistake .... an "a" might go better there.  Everybody's idea of what constitutes "a traditional virtue of truth, beauty and goodness" is different.  I think that as a basic assumption needs to be respected and deeply integrated into the meme  that spreads the consciousness.  It has to acknowledg and accept that the collective consciousness is bigger ... much bigger, actually vast ... in proportion to your own consciousness.  Most of the time, me thinks, people forget that when they taste just a smidgeon of that grandeur.

But, in any case, it is nice to know that my big brother, at age 71 still persues his ideals.

Mark de LA says
Hmmm.... I moved the discussion here to avoid all the discussing about discussing & it followed me here anyway. Hmm... I also avoided "the" before truth, beauty & goodness & the discussion about relativism also followed me here. We have those words. An argument about what they mean is the least of the importance here. If each imprints upon his conscience his own values then those most friendly to human evolution will prevail or WE won't. If each imprints his consciousness on the economy as he participates we should have something better than just a zomby economy.

Mark de LA says
I'm not 71 yet. I think you are the one who mentioned collective consciousness not me.  I'm speaking about more like a synergy of individual consciousnesses.
More like the hundredth human syndrome.

Mark de LA says
The tail end of this TED talk supports some hope.

Mark de LA says
Given this video & especially the beginning talk with Roy Spence I think these people have the best hold on what the Threefold Commonwealth should become in the economic domain .


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