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     Every household appreciates the value of a budget even if they don't have one. Lack of a budget leads to high credit card debt or more often, when spending is kept at the same level as previous prosperous times, bankruptcy is the final outcome. Someone else like a  judge tells you what you can spend. The base principles are not complex.  My father once said that Steiner's first law about money was that if you have a purse full of coins & you continue to spend the coins without putting more in the purse eventually the purse is empty!!!
Credit allows us to sail right past empty with the promise of putting more coins in the purse. In a way that is betting on the come, i.e. betting you will have the income when you don't have it yet.
Government pretends it's so complex that a basic citizen just can't understand it.  That is mainly because of size & the habit of multi-year budgets that rarely get adjusted other than ad hoc. Add to that the 3-card monte approach to spending where it is really hard to find how much is being spent where & chaos is the result.  Mismanagement is a result. Governments always look for more income by raising taxes. There is no incentive to cut spending except political pressure or bankruptcy.  After all, government jobs & politicians depend upon other people's money - they have no business revenue of their own.
     This you should know already. What a well thought out budget does is create government integrity.  The integrity thingy is just this: Say what you are going to do & then do what you said. No spin, lies or BS qualify as integrity. 
     Heritage has an article which outlines the House of Representatives passed budget from a common sense approach.  The hyperbole is gone. The political branding is not there. Links are provided to other evidence where needed.
     All together we have 8068 legislators & governors & a president who are the primary representatives of We the People. Additionally, there are 9887 judges including SCOTUS, Federal & state judges who also affect our lives. That's a grand total of 17,955 people out of 313,338,704 in the USA who spend, appropriate, & mind the business of governing.  That's .00573% of US. That's truly something to think about the next time we vote. That's about 6 in every 100,000 people elected to have the responsibility to do the job.  We the People outnumber them!


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