How Bigz the Roll?

About: the national debt and federal budget deficit deconstructed - tony robbins - youtube

~ One thing not covered in Tony's Video is how big is the roll & how many asses will it wipe when the value of the dollar slips to the value of toilet Paper.


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Mark de LA says
At least the nanny state will still be able to help you wipe your arses!

Mark de LA says
Just what happens when others forclose on the USA?

Mark de LA says
M 2012-05-01 09:36:30 15956
The other side, not mentioned by Tony Robbins was fleshed out by Donald Trump in his program What's America Worth? I think he estimates a little high but in the ball park maybe.  I watched the last half because I stumbled into it. 
The net from that is that America can begin to cash out some of those assets it has like land, companies to pay our debt and lose a bit of sovereignty each time - bit by bit until ?

Maybe this is the whole thingy on YouTube:

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