The Real Problem - Expansion & Contraction

     While our human bodies & the bodies of many animals have learned how to breathe, circulate our blood & other fluids, our larger body social has not mastered that yet without interruption, sometimes chaos & lots of pain in the social body. The wisdom & rhythm of breathing in & out as a model & reality has bypassed the geniuses of government & the domain of economics. Generalized these are the distinctions of expansion & contraction within the context of institutions & processes.
      Continuous expansion in the human body leads to processes like cancer & extremely tall or fat people, etc. Continuous expansion of governments lead to totalitarianism, wars & corruption ("absolute power corrupts absolutely").
Continuous expansion in economics leads to monopoly, corruption, loss of individuality & maybe a kind of corresponding "corporate slavery"; credit piles onto that ever expanding consumption which leads to ..... etc.
      For systems to be sustainable over long periods of time they have to accommodate & adapt to changes. Breathing in without breathing out would be absurd. Consuming without saving is also absurd. Taxing without spending is absurd & so is spending without taxing AND saving.
      We need to develop a conscious Expansion & Contraction within our economic domain.  The same goes for government. I recommend as part of the contraction of government we devolve the tight association of money with government & begin to look at government more in the area of rights & law & order.  I recommend that charity & helping those in need devolve to their traditional boundaries of the excess from the economic domain; likewise the same for art & education.  A thriving economy, in a synergy of individuals, will produce more than can be consumed & excesses which can be directed at to those areas which must be free at the local level.  I am speaking mostly of threefolding here.
Whereas most of our body social systems have evolved from bits & spurts of dogma & trial+error - lets do them all in a sustainable way with consciousness this time & with something beyond competition some call A Synergy of Individuals. Can Synergy exceed the power of competition in bringing forth a much better cooperative society?


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Mark de LA says
Left out of this but a real problem in China, India & Latin America is the expansion & contraction of the population. Balance between goods & services availability & the people who produce & consume via the economic domain (not government) should be a conscious concern.

Mark de LA says
seth 2012-05-01 08:42:14 15979
Well said, I totally agree .   I think when we enter a recession, the government should do nothing to "fix" it.  On the other hand the government could act as a buffer to smooth out the pain ... in times of contraction increasing spending and debt  ... and in times of expansion decreaseing spending and debt.  But in no case should the government try to eliminate the natural expansion and contraction cycle.
I agree to some extent except eliminate the government in the equation. People who understand business & capital formation & the infrastructure of the supply chain necessary to get the goods where they are needed uninfluenced by politics at a governmental level do a better job. The whole national-international political domain needs contraction - not expansion.

Mark de LA says
3936 also has some clues which could be integrated into our economic context but the fundamentals might create an argument so I will keep it private for the moment until I can externalize it.

Mark de LA says
One might think that governments with all their computers & available labor would be able to devote some of that computer power to predicting where goods, services & labor will be needed in the future without having to put their own fingers on the scales; but time & again it has been proven that they can't.
See Michael Strong- Be the Solution - How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the Worlds Problems
The basic problem is that Central Governments are not really in touch with the lower part of the pyramid directly.

Mark de LA says
Sooner or later we will have to come upon a characterization of a Synergy of Individuals - which was the tagline or slogan for Common Logic Inc. The Yi King commentaries came up with this suggestion for today:
source: ...

P.1545 37,6 62-6-1-7-13-12-THU

" ... [The gentleman or sage] encourages conversation of friends & stimulus of common practice, the brotherhood of united endeavor toward a mutual goal.  However this does not preclude each & everyone performing his or her own peculiar duty & functions, for which one is best equipped & which is the special virtue of this particular incarnation.  ... [this context] shows the pleasure its subject has in leading, guiding, enticing, attracting others. - although his virtue is not yet quite brilliant,  .... seductive joyousness[!]"

... This seems to speak of leadership style & being lead as well as the quality of interaction.

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