Hope & Chains

Be sure to vote for Obama again. His new slogan of "Chains you can believe in" is catchy!

You see it's Obama that really wants to put us into chains. Slavery to the debt & runaway government spending.
source: Romney was responding to Biden's suggestion that the GOP ticket's economic policies would “put y’all back in chains."


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Mark de LA says
Of course when it all fails you can try this or on Facebook. As always your mileage may vary.

Mark de LA says
Spying on Americans is interesting, eh? Some were worrying about Bush's electronic evesdropping without warrants etc. But currently we face drones in the near future or even NOW
See: http://www.infowars.com/air-force-document-drones-can-be-used-to-spy-on-americans/
of my favorite TV
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TV program

Mark de LA says
Infowars: ... On Friday, EPA officialdom in “Region 7” responded to the letter.

“Courts, including the Supreme Court, have found similar types of flights to be legal (for example to take aerial photographs of a chemical manufacturing facility) and EPA would use such flights in appropriate instances to protect people and the environment from violations of the Clean Water Act,” the agency said in response to the letter.

“They are just way on the outer limits of any authority they’ve been granted,” said Mike Johanns, a Republican senator from Nebraska.

In fact, the EPA has absolutely zero authority and is an unconstitutional entity of an ever-expanding and rogue federal government. Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution does not authorize Congress to legislate in the area of the environment. Under the Tenth Amendment, this authority is granted to the states and their legislatures, not the federal government.

The EPA has not addressed the constitutional question, including its wanton violation of probable cause under the Fourth Amendment. It merely states that it has authority to surveil the private property of farmers and ranchers. It defends its encroaching behavior as “cost-efficient.”

...I guess the Nintendo toys are not just for terrorism (except perhaps the US government).

Mark de LA says
source: ...  As the Federal Aviation Administration helps usher in an age of drones for U.S. law enforcement agencies, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) domestically by the U.S. military — and the sharing of collected data with police agencies — is raising its own concerns about possible violations of privacy and Constitutional law, according to drone critics.

A non-classified U.S. Air Force intelligence report obtained by KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO dated April 23, 2012, is helping fuel concern that video and other data inadvertently captured by Air Force drones already flying through some U.S. airspace, might end up in the hands of federal or local law enforcement, doing an end-run around normal procedures requiring police to obtain court issued warrants

What would George do?  It begins to look like the old dichotomy liberty/freedom -VS- security.

Mark de LA says
source: ... Not anymore. John Villasenor, an electrical engineer at the University of California, Los Angeles, studied the plummeting cost of computer data storage and reached an astonishing conclusion: It will soon be technically feasible and affordable to record and store everything that can be recorded about what everyone in a country says or does.
... on the feasibility of keeping tracking data on everyone.

Seth says
M 2012-06-04 22:35:29 15983
photo1 The Age Of Drones: Military May Be Using Drones In US To Help Police

Charles Feldman flies a drone in Simi Valley


seems to me it is an improvement from the noisy helicopter flying overhead.  that is truly disturbing ... if you lived in south central los angeles in the 90s you know what i mean.  this is cheaper, and i will bet more accurate, and quieter.   don't you just love technology improving your life and giving you a good night's sleep?

i don't see this technology as moving the freedom/security line at all ... rather it makes the line that is already there easier to discern.  No?

Mark de LA says
    The technology & toys are wonderful.  It's always a mixed bag that's why I called it a dichotomy. I heard lots of helicopters at Walgrove day & night.  Once we saw the view of a helicopter right over our house on TV looking for a drive-bye shooter at Venice high school. Do I want more police cars around & more police nearby ensuring my safety? or Do I want to live in peace without being watched all the time.  What happens if the nanny state begins to pass laws that are really stupid? Like NJ & seat belts for pets? ... Like you can not sit on the sidewalk? -or- http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/06/police-stop-handcuff-every-adult-at-intersection-in-search-for-bank-robber/ etc. (from this morning's news)
     As with all matters balance is required.
     New technology may require new rules as with drone wars, predators & terrorists redefining "war". The Fourth Amendment applies strongly. With being watched all the time where does the "right to privacy" go?

Mark de LA says
Very strange, most people on your side of the aisle & most civil libertarians & prophets of freedom would probably decry being spyed on by drones.  Remember the demagoguery about GWB wanting to eavesdrop on telephone conversations from terrorists abroad calling the US?

Mark de LA says
seth 2012-06-05 13:42:54 15983
source: IV Ammendment
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated....
Seems to me that there is a whole lot of wiggle room in defining "secure" and "unreasonable" not to even mention the other requirements for "searches".  Obviously that is why we need a SCOUTUS from time to time to modify what we misguidedly think of as our "constitutional right to privacy".   There is a fine line where one persons right to a livelihood infringes on another's right to privacy ... and visa versa.  It is not an easy call.  Me i would prefer more freedom to peruse my life in the common world ... notwithstanding that pursuit may encroach on what some might consider their right to privacy.  When that happens the lawyers take over ... and we have the liturgist world we live in.  Fine, but don't ask me to like it or to always be siding with privacy as some kind of ultimate value.

Then please consider those societies around the world that disrespect the people's privacy. You might think that it is universal until you travel elsewhere. Again, I called it a dichotomy. The more you are secure the less privacy you have because it takes more intel to keep you secure unless, of course, you are in a maximum security prison.

Mark de LA says
More spying on Americans:
source: ...

The secret orders are authorized by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, known as ECPA. Smith writes that the volume of such cases "is greater than the combined yearly total of all antitrust, employment discrimination, environmental, copyright, patent, trademark and securities cases filed in federal court."

The warrants and the court's proceedings are not open to public scrutiny. A three-judge panel reviews denials of applications for the warrants, but the court is not adversarial or open, and many orders are never unsealed.

... It is a question of lack of trust in this government which makes it eek!

Mark de LA says
You might notice the difference between the Iraq War which Congress supported & the UN did also where Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait & todays war against terrorism.  Also you might notice that it is really an act of war to invade Pakistan, Sudan & Yehmen & bomb residents of those countries without a declared war. Furthermore it could be contextualized that the drones are just a high-tech terror instrument similar to IED's.  Someone truly anti-war would probably object strongly to these obvious facts.

Mark de LA says
seth 2012-06-07 05:49:49 15983
M 2012-06-05 15:18:42 15983
Very strange, most people on your side of the aisle & most civil libertarians & prophets of freedom would probably decry being spyed on by drones.  Remember the demagoguery about GWB wanting to eavesdrop on telephone conversations from terrorists abroad calling the US?

maybe it's time you stopped generalizing me ... reducing me to a stereotype ... trust me, it does not help you comprehend what i say.

Given drones or the shock and awe of bashing Iraq ... i will choose the former ... it is an improvement on the military strategy of the US.  It has been a long time in development, probably was mostly put together during Bush's term in office, and I applaud Obama for having the clarity of thought not to oppose the military's deployment of the strategy out of some so called liberal confusion.
Thinking from the stereotype polarity, you misssssed my point entirely! G'danya.

Mark de LA says
Another reason I stay away from apps especially the ones which ask permission to post in my name.

Mark de LA says
seth 2012-06-20 13:38:07 15983
source: salon.com

The material contains much new information about the hunt before and after 9/11 for bin Laden, the development of the drone campaign in AfPak, and al-Qaida’s relationship with America’s ally, Pakistan. Perhaps most damning are the documents showing that the CIA had bin Laden in its cross hairs a full year before 9/11 ��" but didn’t get the funding from the Bush administration White House to take him out or even continue monitoring him. The CIA materials directly contradict the many claims of Bush officials that it was aggressively pursuing al-Qaida prior to 9/11, and that nobody could have predicted the attacks. “I don’t think the Bush administration would want to see these released, because they paint a picture of the CIA knowing something would happen before 9/11, but they didn’t get the institutional support they needed,” says Barbara Elias-Sanborn, the NSA fellow who edited the materials.

... it seem to me than any judgement of the current military straggly should be informed by what might have happened otherwise ... and that should be informed by what actually did happen when it was not implemented.
Hmmm... W was in office ~ 8 months prior to 9/11 (7 months & 22 days) - it was Clinton who was busy when BinLaden was available & nixed the take-down. The rest of your material seems like an attempt to rewrite history by Salon.

Mark de LA says
source: ...  According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) they will be used for “public safety”. Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the DHS, told a House Committee meeting on Homeland Security that the more than 30,000 drones that will be deployed into American skies are just arbitrarily watching out for US citizens.

Napolitano stated : “With respect to Science and Technology, that directorate, we do have a funded project, I think it’s in California, looking at drones that could be utilized to give us situational awareness in a large public safety [matter] or disaster, such as a forest fire, and how they could give us better information.”

Secretly, DHS have been taking bid for contractors who can install “aerial remote sensing” which uses light detection and ranging (LIDAR) that would be part of the unmanned drone missions within domestic US territory.

“DHS believes these airborne images are essential for homeland defense missions, such as planning for National Special Security Events (Super Bowls or a national political conventions come to mind); enhancing border, port and airport security; as well as performing critical infrastructure inventories and assessments” and has spent over $50 million to employ contractors, as well as processors for images and dissemination throughout the DHS.

Beyond 1984, eh?

Mark de LA says
source: ...

The DHS submitted a rushed solicitation to the Federal Business Opportunities site on Wednesday, which is a portal for Federal government procurement requisitions over $25,000. The request gave the potential suppliers only one day to submit their proposals and a 15-day delivery requirement to Alexandria, Virginia.

As the brief explains, “the objective of this effort is to procure riot gear to prepare for the 2012 Democratic and Republican National Conventions, the 2013 Presidential Inauguration and other future similar activities.”


Mark de LA says
& now arrests: http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2012/08/02/court-upholds-domestic-drone-use-in-arrest-of-american-citizen
I'm wondering why not warrants & reasonable search requirements. I speculate that if a drone were to follow the members of SCOTUS or the Congress & hang out for a month or so they all could be caught breaking at least one law & probably a felony.

Energos says
NYPD Debuts High-Tech Crime Fighting System...

...supercomputer will watch ALL residents ALL the time

Shades of the TV series Person of Interest.

Seth says
M 2012-08-12 23:28:15 15983
seth 2012-08-12 21:08:13 15983

The reference in the cited article leads us to a characterization of "an" Army pamphlet  525-3-1  as follows ...
source: smallwarsjournal emphasis mine
The goal of this concept is to establish a common frame of reference for thinking about how the US Army will conduct full spectrum operations in the coming two decades (US Army Training and Doctrine Command, The Army Operating Concept 2016 " 2028, TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-1, dated 19 August 2010, p. iii.  Hereafter cited as TD Pam 525-3-1.  The Army defines full spectrum operations as the combination of offensive, defensive, and either stability operations overseas or civil support operations on U.S. soil).
... however in the real 525-3-1 pamphlet published by the Army here the definition of  "full spectrum operations" does not contain the term "on U.S. soil".  The only use of that term is in the following passage ...

source: www.tradoc.army.mil/tpubs/pams/tp525-3-1.pdf

(3) When operating on U.S. soil, leaders and Soldiers must understand the legal authorities and caveats related to military operations such as those pertaining to collecting and maintaining information on and detaining U.S. citizens.

I read as much of the Army pamphlet as i could stomach but could find no basis in it for Small Wars Journal's fictional scenario.   Can you?  It seems to me that the only people thinking something unthinkable is Drudge, Mark, and some retired army [colonels] ...  not the actual Army.
All planning scenarios are fiction until they have to be used. Your obligatory, ad hominem attempt to insult notwithstanding.  The military does consider a lot of shit that may or will never happen especially at the war colleges.  The links were logged here as bookmarks for further investigation later. Your research while commendable doesn't warrant your conclusions. Shove the ad hominem stuff up your ass & you will get better reception for your comments. BTW, there already are laws related to such matters  called the posse comitatus act.  

Well i could find no "planning scenario" in the army pamphlet 525-3-1.  Can you?  The scenario (characterized by me as a fiction) was a speculation, not really directly related to the pamphlet, by persons not currently working for the Army.  Is that not so?  There was no "ad hominem" attack here, just an honest attempt to understand what you bookmarked ... your erroneous presumptions notwithstanding.

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