How many Liars does it Take to Screw Up the Unemployment Rate?

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Obama calls it 'good news' that US economy is adding jobs, as Romney argues more needs to be done.

Job Numbers Put Obama Between Rock, Hard Place | US Hiring Slows Sharply With Just 115K Jobs Added
But what is being ignored is that the actual number of jobs available and the people who are in the labor force is at record lows. See the About article for more information. The recently announced 8.1% unemployment rate is just a smoke screen. Romney should explain it!


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Mark de LA says
seth 2012-05-05 06:54:42 15992
Hmmm .... private sector jobs have totally recovered and now there are more people working in the private sector than when Obama took office ... (if the chart found here and shown below is accurate). But the number of government jobs are still decreasing. If Republicans want to be honest about this and blame someone for an unemployment problem they should look to their own policies.

  Come to think about it ... don't we always want our politicians to be honest with us?

Even if this were true it has nothing to do with the real UNEMPLOYMENT figures - those who are not on unemployment compensation + those who have given up looking for jobs are NOT tracked by the government & just drop out of the system - GET THAT PLEASE! This chart is just focusing on the employment pool.

Mark de LA says
BTW, here is a short dossier on Think Progress - the source of your chart Seth:
source: ... Think Progress is a "project" of the American Progress Action Fund (APAF), a "sister advocacy organization" of the John Podesta-led Center for American Progress (CAP) and CAP's entities such as Campus Progress. It also draws freely on the resources of the George Soros-funded Media Matters website edited by David Brock.

Think Progress is an Internet blog that "pushes back, daily," by its own account, against its conservative targets, and supports the APAF agenda: to transform "progressive ideas into policy through rapid response communications, legislative action, grassroots organizing and advocacy, and partnerships with other progressive leaders throughout the country and the world." Think Progress promotes an agenda identical to that of the left wing of the Democratic Party.

"What We're Fighting For," says the Think Progress website, are: "Social and Economic Justice," "Healthy Communities," "Global Leadership" and "A Secure America." These terms are code for an agenda that is anti-capitalist, suspicious of the American military, obsessed with multilateral restraints on U.S. power, and distributionist in domestic fiscal matters.
... that said it is not worth debunking the chart! (IMHO)

Mark de LA says
If you are interested you can track the figures from the bureau of labor statistics the source of some of the stuff here:

Mark de LA says
More realistic unemployment graphics are here:

Mark de LA says
seth 2012-05-05 08:30:24 15992
M 2012-05-05 08:09:03 15992
seth 2012-05-05 07:57:16 15992
source: M mis-matches-my comments above
Even if this were true it has nothing to do with the real UNEMPLOYMENT figures - those who are not on unemployment compensation + those who have given up looking for jobs are NOT tracked by the government & just drop out of the system - GET THAT PLEASE! This chart is just focusing on the employment pool.
whatever.  My sentences above were true.

Strangely enough i will bet that we already agree on most of the economic premises that underpin our mutual interest in the topic of this item.   Let me see if i can list them and if you can assent to them ...
  1. The government taxes too much, and
  2. spends too much, and
  3. interferes in our lives too much.
  4. Government should not try to manage the economy and decrease the pain of a recession.

Given those premises, then i think it is kind of silly to blame Obama for creating a problem.  Rather what republicans should be doing is bragging of how small they shrank the government payroll.  Republican are totally conflicted with this "blame the president for economic woes of the country" if they truly believe premises 1 to 4 above.  To me that is dishonest on their part.

Like I said, given that the source of your chart is a propaganda tank for Obama I'm not going to try to debunk it. (strike 1) It's even off-topic because I am focusing on the REAL unemployment rate. (strike 2) Given the increase in government participation in health care & the like, particularly the 5 trillion $$$$$$$$$$ he spent over the same period,  I don't really believe your statistics anyway. Buying stuff to create jobs is a policy failure. (strike 3) OUT!
Well you have certainly  proven to yourself that you are right.  But what you have told me is that your are much more concerned with that than with understanding this problem.
If you really want to solve the problem watch John Stossel on regulation: ... I recorded it & saw the first part last night. I'm not interested in alibis for Obama. 
BTW, I should have said that "Buying stuff to create jobs is an UNSUSTAINABLE policy failure."

Mark de LA says
... & yet another sobering picture:
source: ...

This is not a criticism of the Obama administration per se. After all, the decline in jobs occurred during the Bush administration's watch (although there was a Democratic Congress, which strangely gets exonerated for responsibility for the Great Recession). Nevertheless, it points to the extent of the jobs crisis in this country, as well as the budget crisis. There are 12 million people who, before the recession, would be paying taxes but now who are not. And many of them are now forced to collect social welfare benefits, increasing the deficit crisis by an order of magnitude.

This is the great challenge for the conservative movement for the future. If we hope to continue a regime of limited government, we have to get people back to work. Otherwise, sooner or later the country will vote the Democrats back in, and their promise of perpetual government assistance. As the Great Depression proved, it's hard to be a committed constitutionalist when you cannot make your ends meet, and the left wing is promising to help at the expense of the old regime of limited government.


One way we can track that is by using the employment-population ratio, provided every month by the government. This is the broadest metric of employment in this country, and the peak during the last recovery was 63.5 percent of the adult, civilian, non-institutional population. If we had held constant at that level, we would have about 154 million people currently employed. As it stands, we have about 142 million people currently employed. So that is a jobs deficit of 12 million people:

... note we're losing taxpayers & there is an end to the game when there is nobody left with any money to be taxed & no private businesses surviving.

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