Girlfriend from hell....

Too bad we don't have media of wmv type.... here is something that Tina sent. You have to turn it up loud enough to hear it.  The people are Swedish so what they are saying is not really that important - you get the drift anyway


  1. wmv
  2. fart wars


Seth says
Now why did i know she was gonna do that

Incidentally i added wmv to the upload list, no particular reason to exclude it.

Mark de LA says
Tina wants to learn her moves. We sometimes have fart-wars.

Mark de LA says
Chris Parson 2006-03-22 05:43:23 1601
Girlfriend from hell:

Actually swedish not norwegian...

The dialogue:
She: Sorry, It was only a joke
He: I don?t like when you do so..
She: But, It was only a joke... I won?t do it again.
Promise. Friends?
He (Grumpy): Friends...
Thanks for the translation. Should have known has a Swedish suffix.

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