This item means that a headline writer represents the news article as more exciting than it is or totally distorts what the contents of the article really is.
Drudge does this & over hypes some of the headlines. I would like to go in the opposite direction & have the headline agree with the contents.


  1. re-headlining


Seth says
... so would I.

Mark de LA says
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Here is a wierd assed thought: how about a tag cloud rather than a headline. Perhaps a hierarchical news tag cloud: (sample looks old). Of course there is always a way to game the system, but maybe this could be a start.  The headlines sell the newspapers & the websites by capturing eyeballs.
For research later: NewsCloud

The Knight Foundation seems to be operating in some of the same areas as this group may be interested in.

Mark de LA says
 ... The Knight News Challenge is a media innovation contest that aims to advance the future of news by funding new ways to digitally inform communities. The News Challenge awards as much as $5 million a year for innovative ideas that develop platforms, tools and services to inform and transform community news, conversations and information distribution and visualization. Contest opens seasonally. Anyone, anywhere in the world can apply.

Mark de LA says
.... better still:  Is Obama Re-electable?
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