JPMorgan Chase & Co. stock performance after the 2008 crash

... But they weren't loaning out money ... they were not investing their new found capital in real businesses.  Nope!  Maybe you can tell me what value they created between March '09 and Feb '11 to make their stock double and pay outrageous bonuses.

Maybe this will explain it ...

source: Comparison of JPMorgan and Apple from item 15486.

The Wolfram knowledge base of numbers and calculations might help us answer this question.  Let's look at the "Selling, General & Administrative Expense (SG&A)" reported by a financial services corporation.   

... Now you see why i hate bankers? 


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Seth says
politician, bankers ... what's the difference.   JPM went down (strangely enough only slightly) recently when they had to discose that they invested billions in European debt ... not in American businesses.  Everybody just shrugs ... gives them a pass ... nice guys ... the best of the breed ... capitalism at its best ... eh?

Mark de LA says

Even more interesting:
I've never quite figured out why Seth seems to hate banks so much.

Mark de LA says - O - Oh we go again!

Seth says
M 2012-06-21 13:25:57 16059

Seth (above): ... politician, bankers ... what's the difference.
Bankers can only take your money or liquidate your resources via a legal process of bankruptcy subsequent to their giving you a loan or something similar like purchasing your debts.  Politicians can take what is not theirs from you & fine you or tax you & jail you under the laws they themselves write & executive branch enforces. There's quite a difference. Politicians can ruin your life. Banks can only take your money.
LOL ...

Seth says
M 2012-06-21 13:54:46 16059
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SHIT HTML somewhere around the 3 comment above.
be explicit ... or this shit is going away ... not into waving at shit.

on IE9 i get almost a full page of blank in that comment similar to what happened the last time I mentioned a wierdness which you sorta fixed.
It apparently does not happen on firefox or chrome.
oh ... i though you were talking about something else.   Too bad we didn't blog the problem last time it happened.   If i remember i spent some time tracking it down.  Specifically what is the comment date and time at which it appears?
It's this one:
seth: 2012-06-21 13:11:13
2012-06-21 13:11:13

talk about quick and dirty fixes.

Seth says

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