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About: top ten memes mocking obama’s ‘you didn’t build that’ remark [photos] the most interesting man in the world â�� the daily caller

 The old one got into a RWG about arguing. New start here. The old one was not deleted; just privitized.


  1. you did not build it


Mark de LA says
Crisps it up, yet again:

Mark de LA says
Today's headline on FoxNEWS !!

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Another brilliant point-of-view by the Job Creator's Alliance on FaceBook:
source: ... Wealth has to be created before it can be taxed. The infrastructure was built on the taxes of people who risked all to build their businesses and follow their dreams. Government owes the job creators, not vice versa.
... Government (Obama) should apologize!