Intelligence? Leak?

About: intel chair urges white house to cooperate on leaks investigation | the weekly standard

... Intelligence?  I think that's his slurpie coming out of an overfilled frozen brain cavity. So far it's the usual stonewall just like the fast & furious emails.


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Mark de LA says
This is why I don't feel bad about mocking the president:
ibid: ...
Remember last November when Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) was disgracefully greeted with the song "Lyin' A-- B--ch" during her appearance on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? On Sunday, Pink's "Stupid Girls" was played before a CNN Sunday Morning piece about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin visiting a Chick-fil-A restaurant to show support for the embattled company (video follows with transcript and commentary):
Nobody has yet shown where "president Dan Cathy came out in opposition to same-sex marriage" ... All I have found is that she supports traditional marriage. She supports her own point of view .. not illegal or immoral yet in this country despite the lies, distortions & counter-spin of the M$M & the other party. BTW, President Obama recently confabbed with the rev? Louis Farakkhan who previously reamed him out for supporting gay marriage.  Why are people not boycotting Obama & Farrakhan? 
I hope they do.

Mark de LA says
Crisps it up:

Mark de LA says
More gay marriage fallout & the president is still silent since he gave it a nod after he affirmed that marriage is between a man & a woman:
Who wins in the end? Who has more money?
DNC platform might be fun, eh?