Push Hands Tui Shou - A Metaphor

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I did a little of this, see the video, in a mind class of Peter's.  The metaphor which is not expressed here is that if one party stops noticing the other's center-of-gravity & persists going in the direction he is going when he stops he falls on his ass.  The game is to sense the other person's center of gravity & try to push him off his center by using the mostly his hands or arms & not violence, which will make him fall down or lose his balance (not good in martial arts).
This very close to a metaphor which illustrates both the RWG & blogging about politics & the like, IMHO.
The youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpce_-nmmp0&feature=player_embedded#!


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Mark de LA says
The Tao symbol looks so innocent - a snapshot of balance.  OTOH there are other forms in dynamic equilibrium & then there is this story page.  The Tao embraces it all for the moment you create something it's opposite appears - a most strange & perhaps cosmic joke. See chapter on Laughter in the Little Essays on Truth.

Mark de LA says

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