Just Tracking Chicken Sandwiches

Wendy's Has Beef With Chick-fil-A Support Signs

Franchisee posts signs supporting food chain, but Wendy's parent company wants focus on burgers, fries

  • Media Launches Scathing Attacks, Threats Against Chick-fil-A
  • uReport: Chick-fil-A Day
  • YouTube Sensation Antoine Dodson Shows Chick-fil-A Support

    Not all boycotts work as planned - some have unintended consequences.

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    Mark de LA says
    seth 2012-08-03 12:06:04 16112

    Yep, this is going to look pretty stupid in 40 years ... the nexus of self righteousness gaity and fastfood in an America gone crazy

    YEP^3 ... some assholes want to make it equivalent to MLK marches ... others just want to play the effin' race card as if that is going to justify their anti-free-speech bull shit.  My take looks like what I have already said:
    GREAT! two liberal groups fighting each other. http://bit.ly/NjxuQp
    Maybe they will all self-destruct.
    [see also: item 16101]

    Mark de LA says
    M 2012-08-02 13:11:00 16112
    M 2012-08-02 13:08:31 16112
    Why was Jesus crucified?  I must repeat here what I said on FaceBook - Jesus was crucified, one of the most brutal forms of capital punishment, because he spoke out against the powers that be at the time they were the Roman Empire & the Priests in the Temple (& the moneychangers therein) & taught only Love.

    I'll eat a chicken sandwich to that any day! (the Love thingy)
    AND the free speech thingy.

    Mark de LA says
    Sorry, I left this one out:

    Mark de LA says
    Next - the Kiss-IN: http://www.latimes.com/news/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-chick-fil-a-kiss-in-20120802,0,3873417.story
    P.S. I'd love to see such in a Muslim Restaurant or Belly Dancers wiggle around in one.  Lets see if they try to occupy & prevent them from selling chicken. If that is the case then the cops should arrest them.

    Mark de LA says
    seth 2012-08-02 15:18:11 16112
    Ya know if all that happened was that the CEO said he supported traditional marriage, then all the commotion would have been truly misplaced ... imho.  But that is not the whole story.  I will bet that a great deal of these 5 things are true.  But even that would not keep me from buying a sandwich from them ... but not today ... the lines are too stupid long full of too many self righteous bigots.

    Item #1 is such a worthless piece of shit that even looking at the rest are a waste of time.  Who says? Certified by whom? I have challenged you & on facebook for somebody to come up with something the CEO said which is other than he supports his own faith's stand on gays. You are buying the bullshit. Come up with some documented evidence.  This source is pure propaganda. Note how ad hominem you get when all else fails for lack of documentation.

    Mark de LA says
    For that matter I would like to see a bunch of them occupy some soul food restaurants in Harlem or the "red states" in Chicago:


    Mark de LA says
    Well at least the Internet is still around: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/mainstream-media-blacks-out-chick-fil-story_649234.html

    Mark de LA says
    The cartoons want to make it extra crispy:

    Seth says
    Jon Stewart crisps it up ...

    Look back on this one in 20 years ...

    Mark de LA says
    Hmm.... who are the real haters?

    Seth says
    More from Colbert ... don't forget to always eat the right wings at Appelbees

    oh the Zen of it all

    Mark de LA says
    KEWL! you can eat what's left when I finish with it.

    Mark de LA says
    The other side gets uglier & uglier:

    Mark de LA says
    seth 2012-08-03 14:17:40 16112
    Well there IS symmetry between protesting homosexual marriage and protesting interracial marriage ... notwithstanding Singer Ryan Adams twitching

    As for the connection to race ...  i speculate that association happens when all of your categories are scrambled up ... masturbating each other to get off ... must have something to do with shit for brains.

    Too bad you folks lost control of the argument & had to resort to ad hominem attacks.  It just shows you have nothing left. For the record, there never has been nor I speculate will there be any connection between Chick-fil-A and racism.  Some zombies will play the race-card any time when they try to run on empty. Nice try to collapse anchors.  The Liberal movement is naught but a collection of identity groups trying to get ever more & more out of the taxpayers & will gin up anything they can for attention.  This diversion was a nice try but sparks of desperation.  You couldn't even get the rev. Rev. Williams Owens in your back bocket to say "WE" to. 
    This has been about free speech all along .  Free speech is in the constitution.  Random permutation of the meaning of marriage is NOT.  If you want it in there you people should call a constitutional convention or start a conversation which discusses all forms of marriage so that the law is clear & not burdened by thousands of years of tradition (i.e. law).  Be sure to include polygamy, polyandry & polyamory & any other forms.  Then bring up a bill & have the people VOTE on it.  For my tastes I prefer you keep marriage within the human species (BUT maybe NOT):

    Mark de LA says

    PEYSER: 'Chicken lips scarce'...

    CHICK-FIL-A gay kiss-in lays 'gigantic egg'...

    Well. I'm giving them the brown starfish salute! .. kiss it & it might go away

    Mark de LA says
    Not really a boycott, more like a campaign photo op.  ... nice try.

    Seth says
    MR 2012-09-10 19:54:34 16112
    Not really a boycott, more like a campaign photo op.  ... nice try.

    apparently you didn't read the article.

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