Would you trust a Friend with your VOTE?

  About a week ago I woke up to an idea.  Would I trust a friend, a relative, a neighbor, or anyone else with my VOTE?  The answer is NO!
There is the thought that why is a VOTE that big of a deal anyway? Things are so ugly these days that I don't give a shit.  I am leaning that way, but I say to all you who don't give a shit either give me your vote or unregister so that those of us who still do don't get our votes diluted by zombies.
      The point is to get your information, to the best of your ability, first-hand & not through the eyes of blogs, M$M, or the boob-Tube!  You are a zombie voter if you give your votes to the polls which are an artifact of ~ 1000 voters often skewed to one side or another to feed to the M$M.  You are a zombie voter if you believe much of any of the M$M news that has only snippets & sound bytes on a candidate or issue.  You are a zombie voter if you vote party line of your parents, relatives, or friends. You are a zombie voter if you don't challenge, in your mind at least, speeches & writings of professional (sic!) politicians. You are a zombie voter if your only concern is that one side or the other WINS!   You may be a zombie voter if you don't think this is funny:
 - if you are a zombie, please unregister.


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Seth says
yeah funny stuff zombie voters ... there are hoards of them

Yesterday we had a primary in Washington state.  Both Denise and Jason gave me their proxies but Denise told me to vote hers on a  party line ... which i did ... but there were multiple democrats running in some races, so there she went by name recognition.  When it came to voting my own ballet i ignored all races where i didn't know anything at all about any of the candidates and or didn't care ... which was almost all of them.  There was only  thing i was actually cared about,  and that was the choice of moving the Renton library from its current place over the Cedar River to a spot picked to rennovate the old downtown area.  I voted to keep it where it is and not squinch it up in downtown ... really a no brainer if you even think about it at all.  So the beautiful spot for a library got three votes ... with a little help from the zombies.

Mark de LA says
(on moving the library). I guess you subscribe to zombie voting.  You know, of course, that that leads to zombie presidents!

Mark de LA says
source: ...

The Obama team is going to throw out everything they can to attempt to make Romney an unacceptable alternative. When you watch all this misinformation, on your television sets, ask yourself: do you really think things will get better in the next four.? It doesn’t matter if the driver in the White House goes forward or backwards. If he doesn’t know where he is going, you’re going to end up off the road.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/08/09/mr-obama-forward-is-direction-not-policy/#ixzz2389A3bsw
... Apparently Obama thinks you folks are zombies.  Last time his slogan was hope & change - abstract feeling & a hint for something different.  Now it is Forward a direction.
source: ...

The Obama campaign has decided to use a rather strange slogan, “Forward” as their logo. This replaces “Hope and Change,” the terms of 2008. Certainly after nearly 4 years in office there is little “hope” left that the president’s policies are going to turn things around. The “change” that had taken place is all for the worst.

Unemployment is higher, test scores in schools are lower, the housing situation is unresolved, and the federal shortfall between spending and tax revenues is out of control. Runaway trillion dollar deficits are estimated far into the future. Forward is a direction, not a policy. "Forward" may sound better than “leading from behind” but both slogans mean nothing

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/08/09/mr-obama-forward-is-direction-not-policy/#ixzz2389UaMmZ

Mark de LA says
You may be a zombie voter if:
The other side catches your candidate in a LIE & you automatically assume they are worse LIARS & start looking around for their LIES to feel better about it.
AKA: the both sides do it meme.

Mark de LA says
seth 2012-08-11 22:59:52 16124
what a bunch of horeshit you talk
That's what a zombie asshole would say!