If I had a billion

From the idea that I would like to have a view of the inside of my body from an MRI or fMRI standpoint or one of the other such creatures comes the idea of privatizing such things .  If I had a billion$$ I would get a couple of the best to do that so that I could privately, independent of a hospital see what my mind-body connection looked like without the interference of hospitals and clinics.
My concerns might be:
  1. Can I own & operate one without a license.
  2. Must I have a certified operator.
  3. State & national rules & regulations
  4. Use will be declared as not for medical diagnosis.
  5. Is there a market.
  6. Test the effects of Quantum Healing, NLP & the like.
  7. Can I make it pay for itself so that the cost to a user is << less than hospital markups
  8. Can software be created that would run on the downloaded database for navigation on a PC, Apple or even an iPad?
  9. Oh, & what are the dangers to repeated use of the machines on the brain, other parts of the body, tumors etc? Is it like an X-Ray or different?


  1. mri
  2. fmri