Mitt Romney VP announcement with Paul Ryan

I suffer from hypersensitivity to emotional drama. I am vulnerable. I cry at poignant media moments. So my emotions naturally soared as Paul Ryan with a spring in his step hastened to Romney's side from the battle ship Wisconsin as the triumphant notes of Air Force One trumpeted. The positive message of optimism heralded a turning point in the Republican campaign ... real problems to be addressed. That almost drowned out my reaction to the militaristic image of the battle ship.

I will be look forward to emoting about the other side of the story ...


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Mark de LA says
Yep, there is bound to be some re-characterization [see: item 16136] almost immediately.
The bots in the war-rooms are churning 24hours a day till election day.

Seth says
M 2012-08-12 12:28:53 16137
seth 2012-08-12 12:22:24 16137
M 2012-08-12 12:09:01 16137
seth 2012-08-12 12:03:11 16137

I guess people would expect me to say i am not impressed.   But they would be wrong.  I was very impressed by the production ... especially the music, the battle ship, and the shift to discussing real tax and spending reform rather than character assignation. 

Until you changed the jpeg I thought you were conflicted. I suspect while assignation might almost work for what you mean, perhaps you were thinking assassination.

Yes, choosing an interpretation that puts the author in conflict is frequently to choose the wrong interpretation.
So you ment character assignation rather than character assassination? The former is rarely if ever used while the latter is often used. Do you know the difference?

yep was a typo.

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