The Flim Flam Presidency


There's a song & a movie that go with it called The Flim Flam Man or watch the DNC convention. Never were lyrics more appropriate than to describe Obama.
    My serious question here is why do you folks who still like Obama like him - separate from his teleprompted words? What in his style, truthfulness, transparency,  character, worthiness, loyalties, activities, etc. do you really like & wish (or not) to be like?
Ad hominem attacks will be summarily deleted.


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Claire DeLand says
GREAT question, Mark!!! I have asked it SO many times, and just end up getting "branded" a racist.

The thing I hate the most (I think) is when people ignore the question and start talking about totally irrelevant things!!

MY mama taught ME to blame myself for MY part in any problem before I start with the "she started it" or "it is not my fault" . . .

I will be interested to see if anybody actually answers the question you asked instead of the question they want to answer . . .

Mark de LA says
Thanks Claire, you are one of the few people who has posted on fastblogit from a facebook posting.

Mark de LA says
seth 2012-09-04 02:30:26 16169
I still like Obama because of the clear, honest way he speaks to the nation.  He represents me as an American national perfectly.  And he has kept us out of more foreign wars and has deescalated the ones started by the previous administration. 

Your mocking photo shopped pictures are not "serious" ... they merely try to degrade and disrespect our president ... and they shed no light on your question which was  taken directly from the talking points of the Republican party who are trying to replace him. 
None of this came out of talking points. One morning I woke up with the song "Flim Flam Man" running through my mind - perhaps it had been on the radio.  It fit so perfectly. I constructed the rest googling around for images which fit.  We have had a president who has been doing a song & dance for the last 3 years 7 months & 15 days. He spends the nation's wealth like a drunken sailor - (& some of it disappears without account or budgets). Any day now the national debt will roll over to 16 trillion $$$ while this year the deficit is ~1.2 trillion more than any other regime. Oh! the emptiness of Hope & Change. BTW, he did get into Libya & transmuted Afghanistan to just bombing from drones while our troops still die. He stands idle while Syria slaughters her own people. He stands idle while Iran gets the bomb.  His current campaign is nothing more than a woofing contest - mostly character assassination with some market-tested lies.
I suspect that with you it is simply a love affair, but thanks for the response.
So you would like to be like Obama?

Mark de LA says
Did Reality catch up with the Flim-Flam Man?  Today from the Drudge Report:

88,921,000 'NOT IN LABOR FORCE'
Workforce participation rate for men 69.9% - lowest since 1948...

Mark de LA says
A snapshot of the USA future? (via DRUDGE .. via GREECE)
Thousands of Greeks protest against new round of austerity cuts...

SOROS: Germany should leave euro zone if not prepared to lead...

Fate rests in hands of German judges...

Merkel accused of being 'female Don Corleone'...

Mark de LA says
Hmm.... is this flim or flam or both?
JZ & the big bucks

Mark de LA says
Perhaps a different story of how he got there (part of the flim & the flam).

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