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Can't decide God or no-God, Israel or Not - rammed changes through just like Obamacare even in their own caucuses. + a touch of RACISM!

Dems Ram 'God' and Jerusalem Back into Platform...
Delegates at convention boo, hiss, jeer...
REPORT: Obama had seen the language prior to convention 'but did not seek to change it'...
Did the Vote Fail?
Jewish, Palestinian Leaders Fume...
Campaign Scrambles...
Romney: 'I think it's a very sad day'...


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Mark de LA says
... or better still wear that "white" button at a DNC rally

Mark de LA says
'nuff said:


Mark de LA says
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seth 2012-09-06 14:20:57 16173
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seth 2012-09-06 12:55:50 16173

Wearing that button is not racist ... it's just funny ... your race card play notwithstanding.  Perhaps someday you will understand ... but probably not.
Yep. the clueless think a black person can't possibly be racist; but then that argument is for another season.

Wow ... do you always think in strawmen?  What in the world that i have ever said would make you think that i would think that a black person couldn't possibly be a racist.  ... but whether this was worn by a black person or not it was not racist ... it did not disrespecrt, degrade, or discriminate against another race.  There is something that is seriously flawed in your definition.  Do you  know what i am refering to?
Here is a thought experiment. Switch the word black with the word white & then wear the button at a GOP rally somewhere & see what kind of attention you get from the media &ct.
You have said before that the n-word can be used by a black person but not a white person. There are those in the race business like Sharpton et al that don't think a black can be racist. Maybe it was the Rev Wright or Farrakhan. I'm just extrapolating, but in our long discussion about racism I speculate it's there.

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