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Mark de LA says
FYI, this is what a bunch of #cherrypeckers look like agreeing amongst themselves:

Seth says
... an excellent example is here

Seth says
M 2012-10-09 11:58:01 16178
& an even better one is here:
Big Bird gives little bird the bird.

Well Romney's mention of Big Bird was actually surprising to me ... I mean that he would give Obama such a obvious meme must have been intentional.  Well, guess what, they ran with it ... big time.  It does highlight the choice ... spending a couple million on PBS ... instead of cutting that same figure the defense department.  All other considerations equal why is spending so that small communities can listen to the fine PBS programming necessarily less important for our nation than buying a couple more missiles ?  That is a debate that we do need to have ... sans the distortion of propagandizing and mis-associations of emotions.  Obama has not done that yet ... he needs to focus on the real issue here ... otherwise this one is going to be scored for Romney.

Strangely enough a perhaps intentional, perhaps unintentional, consequence of Romney's message is that contributions to PBS are way up this year.  Perhaps Romney should take credit for that, eh ?

Mark de LA says
That's where contributions should come from. A lot of what PBS does is from the left side of the spectrum.

Mark de LA says
Thanks FB for bringing this up in my memories queue – apparently I posted this 4 years ago with the comment:

A bit from the lexicon & political jism of spin & rotate on the campaign trail.
The point is confusion & outrage - truth not an option.

testing the hashtag #racism for range

Mark de LA says
#hmmm – still applies 4 years later in the current election cycles. null

Mark de LA says
You folks are surprised that I value my own material & posts more than yours? I suspect in most cases you do the same for yours. You assert your authority on your own stuff with forcefulness & often play the RWG to the hilt.
I find in my own material I have very little angry disagreement & don’t call myself names or swear at myself.  You folks do, adding lots of graffiti comments, disagreements, negations etc #hashturds , & #trollpopsicles etc.  Most of the time you miss the point of my posts or comments & prefer your own assertions & comments rather than trying to understand mine. I like Fastblogit fine as digital memory.  It needs some work to become a useful CyberMind for the web of social discourse.  null 

Mark de LA says
A lot of the content here is drawn from the #MainStreamMedia or here I abbreviate M$M to emphasize the monetary nature – the best news money can buy or which sells the best to the people.  Truth is a fancy . group unhackthebrain was intended to handle or encourage the metamorphosis of one into the other, but laughing!
Social media and lazy reporters recycle even twitters these days; especially the political ones.
I still like the notion of fair witness which showed up in the novel Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein .  A fair witness was someone with extensive training in being able to observe & give accounts without bias (zen perhaps) of matters, events & happenings . Maybe there can be a #FairWitness chapter in fastblogit some day without the usual argumentation (or worse) .

Seth says

me, i #love to pick berries … especially Picking Wild Blackberries … they grow all over …  wild in Washington.  

i also #love how they cluster … #OMGyes

they are considered a pesky invasive species to many … but to others they are a #joy


Mark de LA says
It is a metaphor, dude,  like in cherrypicking the news for how bad Hillary’s health is. null ; fitting comment for #nitpecker though.  The amusing thing about my cherry picture was sexual analogy of the pose.
I like berries – make smoothies with them every chance I can. 

Seth says
i know mark … i just gave the anti-metaphor of it.  perhaps you could relate to that as “to better know a thing, know first what it is not”

Mark de LA says
Sorry, dude I would probably go for what a thingy is first – mismatching notwithstanding. In contemplation focusing on what is actually there yields more results.  Usually what isn’t there is a much larger pile .

Seth says
still and all the distinction includes both … but your right … first or last is kind of an arbritrary thingey in this context.  

“knowing both sides of a distinction increases knowledge of the distinction” ← just saying

Mark de LA says
… in you like to munge, yep! null

Seth says
feels more like an un-munge to me null

Seth says
look at it this way … cherry picking shit  #sucks … cherry picking for what works is a #joy …. in both cases we are “looking to find specific instances”

Mark de LA says
yep, crisp distinctions ← maybe not your forte, eh?  leaves nothing to argue about. To #munge is to confuse boundaries so much that in sex or a point of discussion you can always be right no matter what is being talked about. 
Enjoy the flow … rimes with ….

Seth says
null sorry i missed the part where “me being right” had something to do with what we were experienceing here. 

#nitpicking or #berrypicking  … or just #nitpicking  ← i thought that was what we were crawling on even socially.  

Mark de LA says
Yep, you are well-practiced at it. thought 16178%252359479
To talk about politics & that which is not politics or, even better, that which exists & that which does not in the “same breath” is talking everything or nothing – says little except whatever a random pile of words says.

Mark de LA says
this is more interesting to me than the excess #cherrypeckers in above comments. null

Seth says
well both #nitpicking and #berrypicking are parts of politics.  come on now mark, are they not?  Can you really deny that politics can include both?  Oh shure i know, currently … especially in this  election cycle … it is almost all #nitpicking … which totally #sucks ←  #iAgree

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says

Seth says
i like the story of “fair witness” too null   … too bad they do not (maybe can not?) really exist in our political processes now. 

Mark de LA says
The picture of the apes above crisps up the distinctions better than all the words. The arguments continue – truth & substance is only a side issue.  I have an item coming out soon which describes some of the metamorphosis of the ‘16 election & new politics.
#Eatnits! suprisingly juicy (thought 16178%252359485null

Mark de LA says
I think I tried to start a conversation on the possibility they can exist in group unhackthebrain but ???
I suspect nobody would actually want one since opinions & talking heads might, just might get #darwined 

Seth says
well i would “want one” … but there is that old pesky meme going around that there is no such thing as an unbiased group.  Though the wikipedia process may (or may not) be a step in that direction.

what is “#darwined” ?

Mark de LA says
just an instant coin hashtag to say that Darwin rules or that survival of the fittest ate another victim.
See also buggy whips.  null

Mark de LA says
Wikipedia – I null & reference a lot to avoid explaining what is already well written about.  It depends upon process whereby contributors & editors get reviewed regardless of whether they are novices or well trained scientists or zen masters of being conscious & present to what is “happening”. The latter is more like fair witness material as I understand it.

Seth says

Seth says
How is a unbiased group assembeled? 

Mark de LA says
training & testing & on the Internet any way that works

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