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mid-13c., "one of the twelve divisions of the ancient Hebrews," from O.Fr. tribu, from L. tribus "one of the three political/ethnic divisions of the original Roman state" (Tites, Ramnes, and Luceres, corresponding, perhaps, to the Latins, Sabines, and Etruscans), later, one of the 30 political divisions instituted by Servius Tullius (increased to 35 in 241 B.C.E.), perhaps from tri- "three" + *bhu-, root of the verb be. Others connect the word with the root of Welsh tref "town, inhabited place." In the Biblical sense, which was the original one in English, the Latin word translates Gk. phyle "race or tribe of men, body of men united by ties of blood and descent, a clan" (see physic). Extension to any ethnic group or race of people is first recorded 1590s.
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IMHO, the only tribe we should identify with is the human race! ... nothing smaller.  Plucking from Facebook's Namaste Om a quote from Krishnamurti:
NamasteÓąÉ Om
Clarity can exist only when there is freedom to observe, when one is capable of looking, observing, watching. That is only possible when there is complete, total freedom, otherwise there is always distortion in our observation.
" Jiddu Krishnamurti

Consider your freedoms , open your mind, enlarge your scope!


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Mark de LA says
I have been pondering why apparently it is easy to trigger mass hysteria & rioting in some peoples.  Demonstrations are common to all peoples. This includes peaceful gatherings & boycotts.  It is the destructive kind that I just don't quite get. Here we do boycotts, marches, huge gatherings like in Washington D.C. before the monuments & then ...... Well, then there were the Rodney King & Watts riots - which I think are mostly tribal things. 
Does the destruction ever achieve anything.  Force begets force - that's the Right-Wrong-Game.
Tiananmen Square one person shamed the whole Army, but the government apparently won the battle. In other cases like Egypt the government was toppled.  In a third case like Syria the government slaughters her people & there is a civil war.
In the USA we have a constitution which says: (my favorite 1st Amendment)
... the last part emphasized this time. 

Mark de LA says
According to the Facebook Citizenship Project today is Constitution Day!

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