The Metamorphosis Party

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16228 refers to what I would like to metamorphose towards. Focus is towards something not necessarily against socialism or capitalism - mutuality is the word to describe the Threefold Commonwealth of Rudolph Steiner. Metamorphosis is the way it is best to be done.  I liken it to an altered state vision I once had in Mendocino County with CJ in the backwoods timber harvesting area of some paper company.  I could look at a tree stump out in the forest cut off with only a foot or so left. Right beside it was new growth - a tree becoming. Everywhere I looked I could see the same thing happening in Mother Nature. It was like an eternal tree growing in an eternal forest.
Metamorphosis is best done from outside, like the TeaParty of 2010, more of a shadow party to gain consensus & transform the current structure rather than something to oppose the bipolar disease of current government.
Not a bad meme from this pic at the Urban Treefrog blog:


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