Obama & His Tinkertoys

About: O Boom Awe economy cartoon

.. credit to Lisa Benson at Townhall.com until they fix their interface
to Facebook.  Obama's almost done effin' up the economy, but
he needs 4 more years just to be completely sure.


  1. effin economy
  2. propogating memes
  3. small screens


Seth says
A FYI about sharing graphic memes like you did on Facebook here.  Very few people will pay any attention to them.  Here is what they look like on a smaller mobile screen ...

Notice the large one below by Jamie will get far more attention.  That is because she uploaded it as a picture to her Facebook photo album.

I think Facebook is being shitty by not giving all photos equal realistate ... but G+ is doing just about the same thing. 

Oh well ... that's just the way things are.  Me, i adapt, ... or loose other's attention. 

Mark de LA says
Thanks for the info.  I am not trying to republish the cartoon that might violate copyright - just trying to get interest to follow the link.