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Welfare now costs $1,030,000,000,000...
NO SURPRISE: Jobless claims rise 46,000...
Under Obama, for every $7 brought in by gov't, $11 spent...


  1. hope stained underware
  2. deceitful headlines


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 hope stained underwear is funny .

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it would have been funnier without your emotocons.
Wasn't going for funny.. more like disgust!

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Mark de LA says


President Faces Voters With Highest Unemployment Of Any Incumbent Since FDR...

ROMNEY: 'Sad reminder economy at virtual standstill'...

JOBS: +170,000...

Incomes Continue to Decline...

Long-Term Rate Rises to 40.6%...

Blacks to 14.3%...

Food Stamp Growth 75X Greater than Job Creation...  <<======

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Source: ...

Since Obama spearheaded Obamacare’s passage, the percentage of Americans who are employed has been remarkably steady, ranging from just 58.2 to 58.8 percent.  In fact, in the 64 years that the federal government has been keeping tallies on the employment-population ratio, the result has never remained within such a narrow ribbon for a longer period of time.  In the 31 months since Obama put his pen to Obamacare’s paper, the jobs picture has been nothing if not consistently bad.

How does 58.8 percent employment (the high watermark for the past 31 months) stack up historically?  Well, the last time the employment-population rate was this low — pre-Obama — for even a single month, was during the third year of the Reagan administration.  In the 300 months — or 25 years — to follow, spanning February 1984 through January 2009, the percentage of Americans who were employment was always higher than it’s ever been in the 31 months since Obamacare’s passage.


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Right or left doesn't matter.
It is really up or down in politics.

When top level people look down,
they see only shitheads;
When the bottom level people look up,
they see only assholes.
You will Never see another Flow Chart
that describes politics so clearly.

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seth 2012-11-02 17:14:54 16251
source: headline Mark repeated above from Drudge report
Please note the graph linked to the headline.  Obama took office in January 2009 while the unemployement was on a very rapid increase. For quite a number of months he would not have had any effect on the graph anyway.  Towards the end of the year the unemployment has been in a steady decline.  It looks to me to be just slightly lower than when he took office.  Also the steep decline in government spending (both state and federal) has had a definite dampening on the employment recovery.  There is no way the performance of the unimployemt graph from the date Obama took office till today should be used to credit or debit any of Obama's policies regarding employment.

I label the headline misleading and deceitful.  Based upon the exact numbers (unavailable here) it may not even be true.
It doesn't matter no matter how much kook-aid you drink Obama's record is abysmal; the amount he promised vs the amount that was delivered; the amount of stimulus vs the amount of jobs. It's time to flush the toilet & start with a new asshole at the top.

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M 2012-11-03 10:47:15 16251
... & the unemployment rate is significantly higher than what he predicted he would get when he asked for the $800 billion stimulus to go to 5.2% unemployed.

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source: M above
It doesn't matter no matter how much kook-aid you drink Obama's record is abysmal; the amount he promised vs the amount that was delivered; the amount of stimulus vs the amount of jobs. It's time to flush the toilet & start with a new asshole at the top.
That may well be true.  It does not excuse deceit. 
Except when the charges come from you or Obama!

Obviously we fact check both sides and excuse neither.  Your comment has nothing to do with the pursuit of truth.  What motivated it?  What motivated it's emotion, "" ? 
As we always ask "we fact check ..." - got a turd in your back pocket when you say we? You folks can't put lipstick on the pig of Obama's economic recovery or policy & turn it into your favorite hooker! Most of what happened was in spite of his being president & would have happened much better with almost anyone else. He took a bad situation & made it worse! Why does he need a secretary of business? (he already is the secretary of monkey business - himself) It's because he hasn't a clue about business.

Oh, ok, i get it ... you can't turn away from partisan politics even for a moment. 
Nor can you ... pretending to be the arbiter of facts, truth & deceit notwithstanding. 
(P.S. it's the RWG, dude)

Well where I am successful at arbitrating facts, that is where i am not playing RWG.   If that is it, then it is not RWG.
Where you are successful you are in your mind - still playing the RWG!