A Syntactic Filter

I have discovered a new syntactic filter for fastblogit comments to avoid the psychological stress of reading and responding to them. It is very simple. If the subject of a sentence in a comment is me, rather than the topic at hand, then ignore that sentence. Quite frequently there will be other sentences in the comment which will be useful and bear on the topic, so those sentences can be parsed, digested, and reacted to.

If you find this filter useful, could you let me know? Also if you use the filter and it excludes any useful information, could you let me know that as well ?

Bozo Faust in pursuit of a better truth.


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Mark de LA says
What belies your bullshit is simply all you had to do was shut up & ignore it.  But you could not resist the RWG & had to announce it to the world.  Still not buying your BS.

Seth says
This filter may also work on Facebook

Mark de LA says
Too bad there's no block like there is on facebook here!

Seth says
M 2012-11-18 08:13:01 16303
M 2012-11-18 08:12:40 16303
Bozo Faust in pursuit of the RWG in a passive-agressive pose.

See how the filter would work ... that sentence has me as the subject .  Thanks for a perfect example.

Seth says
To be honest i made this filter especially for you.  Why?  Well because you have a peculiar flair for writing sentences about me which are not true.  Reading those sentences does disturb me ... after all i am not a perfect zen being who needs no personal self defenses ... so that when someone smears me, or what i have said, with a lie, ... it does hurt.  So this is my attempt to perhaps get you to use this filter before you write the sentence ... or if that doesn't work, at least to remind myself to use the filter before i read and react to it.  Syntactically the filter really does work ... i pissed myself when i discovered it ... it is so fucking simple.

Mark de LA says
M 2012-11-17 11:41:11 16303
Too bad there's no block like there is on facebook here!

Too bad there's no block like there is on facebook here!

Mark de LA says
seth 2012-11-18 10:38:19 16303
M 2012-11-18 09:31:04 16303
seth 2012-11-18 09:04:30 16303
M 2012-11-18 08:49:35 16303
seth 2012-11-18 08:22:53 16303
It needs also to be said that the filter does not need to be used if the sentence is true.   Only false sentences with me as the subject need to be filtered out. 
& that would be sentences which you need to protect your self from. So how would you know?

How would i know what?  ... that the sentence was false ?   ... or that i need to protect myself from them ?   The answer to the first is the same way i know any sentence is true or false.  The second answer is that it hurts.
You most always see yourself & the world through your own material built up by decades of self protection & construction; not necessarily the truth; just more Seth. The hurt is something you use as an indicator (effect) that the self needs protection, but it is your self that provides the hurt & not the outside phenomena.

Yes that is true .   The filter is a means to assert that my self does not really need to be protected from your attack.  I think we agree and both of us see the same thing here.  I expect that you will not acknowledge that agreement.  Apparently that is just the way you are in your being. 
The filter is just more of the protection:

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