Unlimited Purse for Everyone!

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I proposed on Facebook a thought experiment:
What IF?: ...
Why should government be the only one with an ever increasing blank check? We ALL should have one! This idea, in itself would transform the economy & government. How would goods & services thus flow in a natural & good manner? Which businesses would naturally cease? How would power centers shift? How would land use change? How would the use of force be removed from being a factor? After the celebration what would folks do? Suppose you continued doing the jobs you are doing now how could things alter for the better?
... The nastiest question of all - would you keep the same people representing you in government IF MONEY WERE NO OPTION for EVERYONE? Would you then look for people for more vision, imagination & wisdom?
... What principles would have to evolve to create a sustainable, dynamic equilibrium  in society?


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Mark de LA says
Sorry Dude, the jaundiced eye is yours!

Mark de LA says
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No polarity here - so no interest? It is hard to think outside the box & new thoughts without polarity to motivate, maybe.

i think you got that one twisted 180 degrees out of true/false.  No interest here just because it was the same old polarity.
That's always in your mind, Twisty.
I woke up one morning to the question what would happen if everyone had an unlimited credit card to spend. It is the flip side of the question posed in a lot of places which is Why Money?  Why not transfer that government credit card to the people ?

Mark de LA says
No polarity here - so no interest? It is hard to think outside the box & new thoughts without polarity to motivate, maybe.

Mark de LA says
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Well modern life is all about money ... getting it ... spending it ... saving it ... not having it ... getting more of it ... etc ... etc ... etfuckingc.   Take that away and you have a life that is entirely different.  Where does that thought lead?
It might be a nicer place.  From one point of view I found that it may not be necessary. From another reinventing money could be an interesting adventure.

i think there will alway be some currency ... it may not be based upon wealth ... maybe it will be based on prestige ... or attention.  if not fortune, then fame.   even today, who pays attention to you is almost more sought after than money.  of course, given the former the latter usually follows.  i think the animal nature of man dictates that there will be a pecking order.   i really am not so very sure that eliminating that entirely would get us to a "nicer" place.
Well, I was confining my interests to the economic domain.  People will be people. Dogs will be dogs. Ants will still be ants & scorpions will still sting a helper frog while crossing a river.

Mark de LA says
[see also: item 15095] & particularly the list of currency endeavors in later comments reproduced below:
Sarah Hearn's article in LILIPOH is great. Some of the references she provides are:
  1. http://chimgauer.info  <- time expiring money

Mark de LA says
What is necessary to keep commerce & services still going within the USA & between the USA & foreign entities. What are the fundamental principles operating within commerce & service that will always be functioning regardless of the fiscal cliff diving & what is operating the government.
Did we learn anything interesting at PJ2? (the space game?, consensus?, lead follow or get out of the way?, etc.)

Mark de LA says
I can think of one caveat & that is that nobody should be able to silo, stockpile nor acquire more than his family can use in a segment of time which varies according to the type of item.