google memetracker - I like the 2008 election time one here. Too bad it is out of date.  This is just an idea which aligns with the group purpose & is for future research. If anyone finds one that both collects the data & displays it for interactive research let me know.  I can't quite decipher what Google itself has except a blog search.


Mark de LA says
SNAP looks interesting.

Mark de LA says
No longer tracking facts & truth we are now tracking memes.  A good example was the Chick-A-fillet bullshit.
Here is one of the papers on memetracker:

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MR 2012-12-27 11:45:07 16363
One meme I liked which explains or at least aligns with election results is:
Low Information Voters - i.e. those who just watch the advertizements or don't bother but vote for looks, sex, race or what their friends vote for &/or perceived giveaways from DC.  Usually J Leno has a few around election day to talk to in his man in the street interviews on his show.

Here is SNL on the meme:

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New strategy - take or steal something from someone else who has it & then make them feel bad for having it. E.g. taxes & knowledge.
... these are subsets of the have-nots exercising Alinsky's R4R#13&5.