Government Uselessness

      I am not persuaded that government has any purpose other than defending our country, borders & keeping the peace where the peace is threatened by rebellion, insurrection & mobs of irrational people. I can imagine an extension of that function to include aiding recovery in cases of natural disasters.
      Furthermore I hold the Constitution as a protection for the people from encroachment of governments upon the people. It limits what government can do rather than spells out what it is entitled to do.
      Most everything else appears as job security & programs aimed at making the ruling class relevant & appear to be useful at solving problems which the people could solve themselves if they communicated with each other better.
      Government makes nothing on its own.  It contracts out the work of building infrastructure to others who really do know how to accomplish things.
      Current government is no better than charity in the modern case of solving societal problems. In a way it is just redistributionism, with a ruling class skimming the top off as a tariff for their own existence.
      Government is US - We the People. If we work at the bottom of the pyramid instead of expecting the top to do their job the costs to the individual AND the whole will be less. Lets free some parts of our country to model a different style of societal evolution!
As a short cut I will refer to this meme as P^3 or P cubed for Pyramid Minds, Pyramid Schemes & Pointy headedness. The last phrase refers mostly to academic ivory towers of dysfunctional ideas separate from reality.



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Seth says
Here is an example of where the Washington bureaucracy was incompetent in establishing justice.

Seth says
The bureaucracy in Washington is pretty much totally incompetent in actually promoting the general welfare and establishing justice.  Perhaps they should just give up that aspiration.  How bad can it get if they just leave us to fight it out among ourselves?  Me, i have no idea.

Mark de LA says


Mark de LA says
Apparently the US system of government currently being implemented in Washington DC & elsewhere didn't scale up very well.  The implementation of the US Constitution has lost contact with the individual in society & is beginning to look like Mao's China - a government run by one party from the top down. Is it the model or the implementation?  I say it's the implementation & the movement towards one party rule.

Mark de LA says
crisps it up:

Mark de LA says
Boomtown further illustrates the ruling elete in both parties perpetuate the power of office for personal gain.  DC is awash with money, lobbyists, the power elite while almost every other town in the country is still in a recession - all on the backs of the taxpayer & the borrowing burden on the backs of your children & other generations to come.