Morning Coffee & Fart Muffins

Every morning it seems as if I wake up with some kind of an epiphany or idea, out of the blue, which wants to be spread. This morning is no exception.
This morning's is political. There are those in government who want to substitute themselves for God.
God hath given us free will & the consequences thereof.
There are those arrogant enough to think that they may usurp that gift & take it away.
There are those arrogant enough to think that they can play God & do a better job of regulating & taking care of our World than the creator of it.
They also need to ban God from their domain to avoid competition like the 10 Commandments & the Golden Rule;  thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal. It is like unto a family where mommy & daddy are away & a brother or sister starts making up new rules for the rest of the family. One day mommy & daddy come back home & find it all a mess.  Flash forward to today!
John Milton: Free will, it is a bitch.


Mark de LA says
seth 2013-01-19 07:56:50 16394
Many, perhaps most, people are "arrogant" enough to act with and against the world to change it for the better.   It is not just some people in government.  I think it is what we do ... it is our lives ... it is how we create what it is to be human ... it is how we manifest  our culture. 

Now i grant that the bureaucrats and lobbyists and politicians and bankers in Washington don't do a very good job of it.  Perhaps we should take over the job ourselves. 

As to your God's right to do that for us ... I suggest we tell him to fuck off.
Other than to be blasphemous in your ignorance, I don't understand your last statement; the emphasized. The first statement while possibly related in some universe far, far away is off topic.