Argument for a Well Regulated Militia

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I remember watching TV news the morning of the Waco Invasion & watching a tank smash into the compound & wondering why Janet Reno & the government was using tanks to break into US Citizens property.
Regardless of what excuses she made up, what do citizens have to counter a bullying government & overarching force.  I say that when citizens attached to the national guard or the regular military, once they realize they are being fired at - not by kooks,  but by a federal government forcing it's will upon the people, will take a second look at wtf is going on & maybe heroically put down their arms.
Another case in point is the federal government suing the state of Arizona from enforcing the border security in the absence of the feds doing their job in the first place. Politics laid aside, there is no reason the feds were not doing their job. Who else but a well regulated militia could do the job. Maybe a counter to the gun grab would be for the NRA to encourage private militias to form of some of their memberships.


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I wonder if this is one of those cases or not:

perhaps ... they must have known that the canisters could start a fire ... was it intentional?  will we ever know?  do we really care?
Not knowing makes no difference. I suspect the felon knew where his actions were leading to if not actually asking for suicide by cop.
Why waste any more lives trying to get him to give up?  Then too there is always the question of why rush things, especially in the Janet Reno thingy at Waco,Tx.

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A CNN conversation on the Dorner situation . Did some ask that question after the LA riots? Did that problem not get solved then?
IMHO, authority with a gun is like absolute power (especially against someone who is unarmed) - it corrupts easily. OTOH, when you want someone to get an intruder out of your house you may want it any way it can happen.

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 "authority with a gun is like absolute power"
I am curious about the truth of that assumption.  Hopefully i will never have to the problem of testing it.  But, if someone is pointing a gun at me expecting me to do what they say just because of the threat, i'm not so very sure they will get what they expect.  First i would calculate whether (1) they are quite so free as to shoot me if i do not bow to their will, and then (2) whether they will kill me afterwards regardless.  Let's look at the cases ...

1 true, 2 true --- nope, no rational reason to bow to their will here
1 true, 2 false --- yes they have power over my will
1 false, 2 true --- nope
1 false, 1 false --- nope

So there is a very narrow set of mental states of the person with the gun which will give him power over me.  Of course you really don't know for sure what state the gun holder is in and they have a strong motive to mislead you about it. 

It's really a big question ... i'm no so very sure that i would not just look at the person and say, "so you have a gun ... i'm still not going to do it" ... let the chips fall where they may. 

Is there any doubt why this comes up in dramas so very frequently.
Yes, but that is all intellectual stuff, cf:
The actual experience is quite emotional & different.  I had that experience at 14 when to guys held up the drug store. My screed is about what happens to the police in their own minds & about their own authority & how they are taught to take control of situations.

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My screed is about what happens to the police in their own minds & about their own authority & how they are taught to take control of situations.

... Yeah mine too.  Cops, even here in Washington, seem all to anxious to shoot to kill when it is not really necessary.  Then they are not held accountable and are left to get away with it under the guise that we need police to be able to protest themselves.  ... but, i'm not so very sure that is what your "screed" is ... sounds too liberal for the likes of you.
I wouldn't believe all the statistics on cops killing innocent people unless I could see some evidence.  It's mostly a racism thingy dredged up by the Sharptons & Jacksons of the dying out racism industry.

it is not statistics that have influenced me ... it is actual events where the killings by cops were were not unnecessary, yet the cop was not held responsible.  perhaps you remember some yourself. 
Not really!  I know if it happens or is suspected of happening that it takes a huge proportion of media attention relative to other things & it's frequency & relative to gun deaths e.g. the number of gun deaths in Chicago was ~ 500 yet I suspect that few if any were cops making mistakes or "shooting first & investigating later".