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The first census, conducted by Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, enumerated a population of 3.9 million, with a density of 4.5 people per square mile of land area. There were only 12 cities of more than 5,000 population, as the great majority of the people were farmers.
... sometime ~1790(?)
     I don't think the founding fathers had any idea that it would evolve to politics that look like this. It has lasted 237 years so far and at one time stood leader to the World. 
     Are there any stakeholders in the original dream of America left?
The disconnection of the population & the government & one with another is the cause of the disease of government corruption.  In China it is complete. The ruling class, however determined, officially one with the rest of the population - nothing special -  manages by dint of their own positions to pour favor on whomsoever it pleases & whomsoever pleases it.  
     Sound familiar yet?
I don't like any of the political parties extant today. If there were nothing partisan to achieve there would be no need for partisanship.  I like principles to live by & govern by with a vision which implements them.  Thus I would eliminate the pressure of any party to win & collect support from across the spectrum of those who believe in the vision & the principles & the ability to bring such into fruit in a way & result: both being true, beautiful & good.  Furthermore the result, in order to weather another 237 years, must achieve a social, economic & spiritual existence which is in dynamic equilibrium within itself & outside itself with Gaia - Mother Earth!


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Mark de LA says
One thing not anticipated was the power of the 4th estate, the media, the change in media with the new media - instant pictures, twitter, cell phones, facebook, the Internet, & those thing yet to be invented. 
Does this mean we should all tear up the old & rewrite it for the new?  NO!
It means we should tap into the principles, such as liberty & understand how that is congruently expressed with the rest of our principles & the vision given to America so many years ago.

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