These are the elements expected in a proof the ideas work:

  • Provide an easy to understand GUI for input & output of items similar to StickyCyberGUI
  • Demonstrate a 2 person exchange of up to 22 different matches items some which have a match & some that don't & witness them behaving in an human friendly expectable manner.
  • Invite some others to participate up to say 12 people & see what suprises occur - all with dummy transactions (i.e. no downloads, contacts or other financial things are real)
  • Provide some way to certify some of the participants so that eventually there may be financial incentives to expand the scope & breadth of the experience & maybe pay some programmers!

What is interesting to note is that this is really 2 separate projects - and might be approached as such. First we have the fuzzy matching application and the way items are specified and matched. This aspect of the application could be completed as a standard web application - like ebay. All the matching algorithms could be tested out here. Then we have the other phase of the applicaton that distributes the matching beyond what is capable at one web site. -SR

If you intend to gather the intention pairs ad hoc then I don't see where you can make 2 separate projects. Ebay already has a classification tree & the auction concept puts all the have's in a central database & the want's log on to the central database & bid or not. The first 2 bullets will prove the concept for the matching & the penultimate one will prove the second one. This frame is meant to make things more tangible like the "take notes & retrieve them" began the basis for CyberMind !!-M.R.

So Seth, What is your proposed proof of concept for just the matching part of the problem ????? - M.R.

Setup a web application and a database and start to deal with the problem of takin in items and matching them. There are many challenges in just accepting items into one centralized datase, matching them, and displaying the matches. Those problems are independant of whether the database and matching functions are distributed. -SR

We might be able to reduce the distributed part of the problem to just the best practice of distributing a [content addressable memory]. -SR

This looks like hardware to me (I have seen something on this in software though) - MR

Try [Associative Array] -SR

It would also be interesting to see if we could meld both CMAP & this wiki - there is a server we can download if we could figure out how. I sent them a message.... M.R.

Isn't it just a matter of exporting the CMAP as a web page and hyperlinking to the map andor a image of the diagram hyperlinked to the CMAP web page ? Of course we would need some way of hosting the web page cmaps at -SR

yes see the link of your old map under the CyberMind topic! My idea was to click on a topic in the wiki & have it trigger CMAP on a particular shareable CMAP on the server. That way CMAP extends the wiki to another area that is editable.

Here is another [example]


  1. scm


Mark de LA says
This should probably be made public later.

Seth says
all the links are broken excep this one.  i guess u took down the wiki in favor of fastblogit.

Mark de LA says
Yes, I only got to re-linking some of them within fbi (mostly the top of the tree)

Mark de LA says
[This is the top of the tree: uri]

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