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Mark de LA says
Here is the same picture given by Charles Krauthammer.
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A 2011 Government Accountability Office report gave a sampling of the vastness of what could be cut, consolidated and rationalized in Washington: 44 overlapping job training programs, 18 for nutrition assistance, 82 (!) on teacher quality, 56 dealing with financial literacy, more than 20 for homelessness, etc. Total annual cost: $100 billion-$200 billion, about two to five times the entire domestic sequester.

Are these on the chopping block? No sir. It’s firemen first. That’s the phrase coined in 1976 by legendary Washington Monthly editor Charlie Peters to describe the way government functionaries beat back budget cuts. Dare suggest a nick in the city budget, and the mayor immediately shuts down the firehouse. The DMV back office, stacked with nepotistic incompetents, remains intact. Shrink it and no one would notice. Sell the firetruck — the people scream and the city council falls silent about any future cuts.

After all, the sequester is just one-half of 1 percent of GDP. It amounts to 1.4 cents on the dollar of nondefense spending, 2 cents overall.


Mark de LA says
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Clues that the government is way too big are that the President & the Department Head of the largest department in government (DHS) come out as "NOT RESPONSIBLE" for what happens in their chain-of-command. Case in point- violating the law by releasing jailed illegal aliens instead of deporting them.
Note that apparently "nobody is in charge", nobody creates a budget & nobody guards the borders so that more & more aliens enter the country waiting for the coming amnesty.
We don't need any department or group of people for whom nobody is in charge & nobody knows what they spend our money for that can't be held responsible. Watch this story get buried & self-destruct just before debate on immigration, soon.
Note what Obama & his staff are doing to make cutting a mere 2.4% of a budget that always increases from year to year by 5-6% is criminal. (we're still spending more this year than last year.  He & his useful idiots will begin to make it so that the optics look like well say:

by focusing on things like letting immigrants go, reducing service where it will be noticed like at the airport grope, etc.

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Sperling's revisionist history invites the question: if the sequester had been meant to encourage a grand bargain like Bowles-Simpson, why hasn't Obama simply embraced Bowles-Simpson?

The obvious answer is that Obama had no intention of reaching a deal, and hoped to use the sequester as he used the "fiscal cliff"--to squeeze more concessions out of Republicans on tax rates, and to blame the opposition for whatever horrible economic outcomes the administration could conjure.

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Results of a failure to sequester anything show up in Cyprus (VIA DRUDGE THIS AM):

Cyprus banks reopen, with strict restrictions...
€300 daily withdrawal limit...
No money allowed to leave country...
Russia to ban cash transactions over $10,000...
Security tight as tension runs high...
Stock exchange still closed...
FABER: Not Even Gold Will Save You From What is Coming...
Bitcoins explode...
    <<<+++++++++++++=============== (people looking for a currency that can't be manipulated by government!!!!!

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