evertek wholesale computer parts - apple mac mini core 2 duo t5600 1.83ghz 1gb 80gb cdrw/dvd os x - b , mb138lla-pb-2b

.... $258.00 refurbished ??? .... about 2 generations old

well can't trust this old refurbished thingey.

i got a quad core new one

and have parallells and a XP 32 bit OS disc so will be able to run my old PC programs too.


  1. mac mini


Seth says
MR 2013-03-26 10:15:09 16463
Doesn't it need a Mac monitor to work?

most macs have a monitor output port that, with a $20 adapter, can go into just about any modern monitor or TV .   i do that from a mac Air every day.   just got a mac mini ... going to do the same with that ... in fact i'll do it this afternoon.   but, yes, the mac monitors are very nice and crisp.

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