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I look forward to going in the opposite direction!


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Mark de LA says
OTOH, maybe our minds are not inside our brains!
See this banned TED talk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKHUaNAxsTg

Mark de LA says
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OTOH, maybe our minds are not inside our brains!
See this banned TED talk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKHUaNAxsTg

Yes good talk .  The assumptions of the world of science are pretty much shit to me.   So too, are those of anthroposophy from my world view. 

For a long time i have been going under the assumption that my mind is not exclusively "within my head" ... no ... it is more or a dynamic relationship between the world and my unique history and future ... and, of course, networks with everybody else's and the rest of otherness. 

i also think that he carries it too far ... just like the morphogenic guy and LOA.   i say, don't let our theories and stories get so far ahead of our hands and what we can actually do ... that's something i learned from Eric Reiter. 
& yet Eric is mired deeply in the science paradigm.  What are the assumptions of Anthroposophy? RS gave his audience a method & then tells you the results he found using the method. Your assumptions are fairly amorphous & conceptual - can't test them except in your own head.

well i have had in depth discussions of how things work with eric and i did not find that his assumptions were mired deeply in the science paradigm ... maybe they just conflict with your assumptions and that is what you are referring to here.  eric is really into finding, in a shareable way, the music of the spheres ... look at some of his early work, for example the solar harp.  me thinks that your own assumptions are getting in the way here, and not his.

RS assumptions are far to numerous for me to just blert out here without us getting into the same old rwg again and again.  but, really, please do ask yourself honestly if they are not just as quite as many as the ones of science that were listed in the talk. 

incidentally almost always all of these assumptions cannot be tested ... that is, err, the nature of the beast ... and that goes for mine about mind and RS's too ... err .. even yours.  if these kinds of assumptions that underlay our worldviews were all that easy to test and/or prove, well we would have an entirely different world to play with ... would we not?
#non_answer_bullshit , you missed the point of the video. You are mired in your own assumptions like that your stance is right - sort of a friendly materialism.

see the thing is your own assumptions about matter vs spirit are so pervasive that you cannot even hear what the man actually said. 
Instead of your disastrous mindreading failure you might consider that there is matter & then there is the invisible such as magnetic fields, being (#BofNK explains that best & says that being is in the same place as nothing, infinity & a few others), spirit & the local equivalent of morphic fields. An Anthroposophist, Raffi, turned me on to the equivalence between spirit & being. A few generations have passed since the late 19th century & the early 20th century & the language morphs. Now, I wonder, is there a morphogenic field that is responsible for language evolution, a Spirit of the Times (or a Being like an Archangel), or is a bunch of pointy headed intellectuals in a University Ivory tower doing all that? Maybe your mindtag needs adjusting!

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