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I was impressed by a woman on Hannity who said that bills over 1200 pages (like Obamacare) are a joke & in no way can we call them products of a representative government.  In other words, bills that large leave all the details to regulators: the ruling class who make up the law on the fly or write more volumes of regulations not approved by Congress. We think the laws are made by Congress, but they are not. Often also, the president & his regulators make up the laws by writing executive orders & granting wavers of exclusion to their favored donors, union groups & special interests or identity groups.
  • I think that the the rules of the Senate & House including e.g. the size & outside references bills can make to other bills should be voted on by the public after suitable public discussion. 
  • I think executive orders should be limited by the law; maybe under threat of impeachment.
  •  I think money in politics should be discussed since the Internet & other media permits unrecorded communication.
  •  I think that responses to subpoena by Congress should be honored in providing documents & emails.
  •  I think that the scope & depth of transparency should be defined so that matters can be quickly investigated & such communication can be monitered by the public.  Any contact between people inside & outside of government should be documented.
  • I think that Obamacare was passed by violating the rule that no bill affecting the flow of money ( has financial implication) can be passed by reconciliation between the House & senate & that has to be written in the law or strengthened if it already has been written.
  • I think if we are a government of laws not men/women/? - then whom we elect is very critical to keeping it that way. Currently we have more of the latter not the former & have lapsed into a free bread & circuses act.
  • While laws restricting freedom of the speech & the press are strictly curtailed it would be interesting to figure out some way around the money$ is free speech SCOTUS ruling & the M$M's disgusting hold on the national conversation. It is now far from just information gathering; more like propaganda imho (which is neither).
  • The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money. (de Toucqueville &/or others) - a variation on bread & circuses of Heinlein, except the needle is longer & sharper.
  • I would support a new law which would require every regulation or law passed must first pass a test of  being positive or neutral with respect to it's affect on the jobs & the economy. If the law or regulation shows negative effects within 6 months of passage it then is automatically sunsetted permanently.
  • With all the wars & people killed in the Middle East in the name of stability what in reality has happened since the gulf war is closer to a radical Islamist takeover than anything stable - Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Somalia, Libya, Qtar, Yemen, & their Russian & Chinese backers both in economics & at the UN.
  •  Maybe Ron Paul is right! See this article.


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A surprise synchronicity in today's Facebook:

Mark de LA says

Ignorance Is Bliss: Study Shows People Avoid Information About Complex Social Issues

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