Laughing at Ourselves & POTUS who does nothing too!

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POTUS getting things done & ignoring the law. Good expose of what he's doing with the 2k page law & all the shit that's in it here.  E.G.:
       The Obama administration has even gone so far as to circumvent a GOP amendment to the health care law that would have required members of Congress and their staffs to abide by the same exchange rules as Americans across the country. The Office of Personnel and Management issued a ruling giving Congress the unique ability to participate in the exchanges while still having employer-subsidized premiums.

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Seth says
seth 2013-08-22 09:44:19 16704
To get things done, one needs to cooperate with others.
Most of what Congress is getting done is ruining the country & it's economy. 
That being said, I'm sure that the current ruling power trip only wants to cooperate with itself. See who is invited to White House parties, golfing outings, Martha's Vinyard conclaves with the rich & powerful &
wonder - just who is cooperating with whom to get what? done?

Seth says
Yeah! Cooperate or else! Works well for the ruling class, eh?