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We are doing our own variation of the Fast Diet.   I can certainly recommend it.  I have found the things they say about how fasting are true.  It does improve my concentration and general health. 

So i have been "semi fasting" as follows:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday i just eat my prunes for breakfast, that is all.  Other days i eat whatever, but still try not to pig out. 

Since i've started this about 2 weeks ago i have lost about 10 pounds.  What is more important i feel much better.  And, what is really important, is that my concentration, my energy, and what i accomplish, especially on the fast days, is quite improved.

Denise also is doing this but she is trying to follow the 5-2 aspects where you fast for only 2 days in the week, rather than 3.  Also she allows herself about 500 calories on the fast days.  Me i think that is too much of a doge and not really a fast.


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Seth says
ME 2013-08-27 11:51:35 16719
seth 2013-08-27 11:37:13 16719
ME 2013-08-27 11:05:46 16719
Yep, I fasted for 19 days in a row while working in a drug store days. I consumed no calories, but did drink black coffe - noccream or sugar & lots of water.  It got easier after the first few days. Near the last week I got tired & wanted to sit down a lot. I got side-tracked by bag of pepita seeds  & decided to break my fast.  In fact I did a Gandhi & broke it with a little orange juice - then the pepitas. It took me about 9 months to gain back the weight I lost.  I have since read books on fasting which say that fasting is good & not harmful. I would prefer knowledge of exactly what is the best food to consume at any time as an internal sense.
Tony Robbins talked about rat experiments where rats were fed a normal diet, 2X their normal diet & 1/2 their normal diet & guess which ones lived the longest  - guess which ones lived the longest?  (presuming they were not all sacrificed to analyze the cellular effects of the diets).

there is a big distinction between going on a fast occasionally, perhaps even a long one, and fasting regularly in a weekly cycle.  i've known a couple of people in my life who have fasted every week and they also have praised it.

I think everybody, even dietiticians, are going to have different things to tell you about "exactly what is the best food to consume at any time".   The only non-common knowledge specific thing i could recommend would be prunes in the morning for breakfast, LOL.  What do you mean, "consume at any time as an internal sense" ? ... i can't guess what your getting at there.
I am going for an immediate sense of healthy eating independent of doctors, self-professed experts & everyone who thinks they have the secret. IAW, I don't need no stinkin' dietitians nor stinkin' diets. It is kinda being instead of doing.

kewl, that's exactly the way i feel too.  Me thinks, that eating is pretty much like living in that regard, everybody can just shut up, which does not mean that people from time to time do not have good ideas about how to eat that i hope they also share with me .

Seth says
ME 2013-08-27 07:42:43 16719
Are you folks keeping a log of the results?

yeah i have a simple text log of our weight fluctuation, but it is not in the cloud.  i am also using 2 apps on my smart phone to monitor exercise and weight, but i don't think those are viewable unless you also have the apps.  if i grocked some extra value in sharing the minutia of this  socially, which would be worth the effort, i would.  but currently that value maps into the null set. 

What i did want to communicate publicly to anyone who would listen ... is that Fasting is Great! ... but i will probably keep this item informed as to what is happening.

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