The Buck Stops There! (Syria)

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Seeks Authorization for Strike...
Change of heart after taking walk...
Krauthammer: 'Amateur Hour'...
Syrian media calls decision 'historic American retreat'...
Putin emboldened; sees chance to turn tables at G20...
House, Senate to hold 'hearings' next week...
President risks embarrassing loss...
Leaves door open if Congress votes 'no'...
Hollande facing pressure to put intervention to vote...
Pope announces world day of prayer, fasting...


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Seth says
ME 2013-09-01 10:51:18 16735
I guess that the anti-war phonies only come out when there are Bushes in the White House. It's OK to switch sides in the issue when there is an Obama in the White House & a Kerry as Secretary of State. Should Obama give back his Nobel Peace Prize if he attacks without the UN authority?

Should Kerry go back & pick up his VietNam war medals he threw over the fence?

Seth says
Jeff & Mutt ?

Seth says
While rightly so, but very late, Obama backs off his bellicose stand (or stanch).  My question is still what's the hurry - Syria is going no place? If the source & use of the chemical weapons is objectively know & determined then why does not Obama, himself go to the UN & make the case? He has spoken before at the UN

Seth says
John Kerry dining with Assad here:
He was "for Assad before he was against him!" as he voted against the war in Iraq before he was for it.
CBSNews: ... Kerry thus voted against war after Iraq took aggressive military action. He said a vote in favor of military action was tantamount to giving Congress "no further say" on the war.
... they're still hoping to blame it on Congress if it goes bad.

Seth says
Much more fun to look at than Kerry & Obama - got more press a few days ago!
(*) more.

Seth says
FYI a lot more Kurds were killed with chemical weapons in  Iraq than people in Syria. What changed Kerry's mind about the morality of use.  He opposed the war in Iraq.

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