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Seth says
... & finally attempts to close the ocean off Florida, eh?

Seth says

Seth says
For the video comparing apples to obama:

The challenge is that nobody forces anyone to buy an iOhone, or buy insurance for an iPhone or tax you so that you iPhones cost double & tripple what they would without it, nor fines you for having or not having one.

Seth says
golfing & not even present (Reed) yesterday the 'crats say effectively it's my way or the highway.
fuck them! 16439

Seth says
seth 2013-10-01 14:10:15 16791
and just to see things from a different perspective we encountered this meme ...

That's my nickname for the White House!
Guess that the acronmy POTUS stands for pot of shit, eh?

Seth says
Obama threatens seniors:
why?  Does the government always assume that the money it spends has to be spent while the money we spend as taxpayers is optional? no budget needed?
[see: item 16439]

Seth says
ME 2013-10-03 09:46:18 16791
& besides negotiating with Iranian terrorists & bullying Syria was more fun than the rest of work.

Notice this similarity to
the picture on the right
half & the hairy ass tail braid:

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