Shutdown Dilemma ?

Cute cartoon from G+ (Philosophy of Mind group)


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Seth says
My basic question is how do you keep the government from spending itself into bankruptcy? Or borrowing so much that future generations are in chains to it?  Even Obama seems to appreciate red lines, eh?

Seth says
good illustration 

Seth says
The basic problem remains: (described by Heinlein)
The America of my time line is a laboratory example of what can happen to democracies, what has eventually happened to all perfect democracies throughout all histories. A perfect democracy, a "warm body" democracy in which every adult may vote and all votes count equally, has no internal feedback for self-correction.... [O]nce a state extends the franchise to every warm body, be he producer or parasite, that day marks the beginning of the end of the state. For when the plebs discover that they can vote themselves bread and circuses without limit and that the productive members of the body politic cannot stop them, they will do so, until the state bleeds to death, or in its weakened condition the state succumbs to an invader " the barbarians enter Rome. (Heinlein)