New iCyberMind Splash Page


This is a work in progress:
Any resemblance of pictures of us today is purly imaginary.


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Seth says
Picture is static, but you can find the clickable image map version by the about link above. The link on the website brings you back to the latest changes and information logged in this item & it's  comments.

Seth says
very kewl indeed

Seth says
ME 2013-10-11 12:57:41 16812
seth 2013-10-11 12:31:24 16812
you should put it on your home page ...

Yep, had to test it out first. 
I added another map & rooted it to

Seth says
seth 2013-10-12 09:57:26 16812
it is always fun, when taking a hit ends up causing improvement ... Kudos

Mark de LA says
Any chance you could fix the links that go to a permalink format.  I have lost the keys to where this stuff is & editing it.

Seth says
specifically which links are you talking about?  the ones i tried on your front page of all worked.

Mark de LA says
Thanks nathanworks now! null

Si says
Cool. I never saw this before since I was not subscribed to this thought until you name-tagged me here.  

For a thought to be subscribed to (so that stuff on it will appear in a persons news) the person must comment on it, like it or one of it’s comments, or be name-tagged by someone in it somewhere. Pretty much the same rules as Facebook.

And apparently Seth didn’t think there was an issue so he never notified me.

Mark de LA says