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I am moving Seth's comment here as it garbages up the Silo item.
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seth: 2013-10-21 09:33:13
The only reason I put here at all was at the time I had just finished it. In retrospect, because of your playing dumb so brilliantly, I should probably have left it out. It needs some work on the values/principles side of things, but that was something I did in a hurry.  IMHO Obamacare & the recent so-called budget crisis illustrated the regime's use of 10 out of the 13 Alinsky rules on the public. People are beginning to notice the tactics & strategy.

... well there is no doubt in my mind that health care ... and government ... are out of balance.  that has been highlighted dramatically by the ridiculous play that ted cruz perpetrated destroying confidence in the american system.  we obviously see the direction to balance differently.  we also see where our immediate and long term attention is most effectively directed differently.  is perhaps your balance just the terronity of those other to yourself.  but there is at least one thing we agree on ... get corrupting money out politics. 

i think the alinsky rules are effective when fighting the establishment.  that the establishment might also be using them against those who would oppose it ... is perhaps new ... but then some of these so called rules are just generalizations of known ways to wield the political capital.  both sides use political capital.  no new edges there, are there?
... elsewhere I gave the folks that visit a snapshot of my own personal values here..
What is most interesting is that both Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama & possibly Michele wrote their thesis papers surrounding Alinsky Rules & yet the public was not aware of what they were all about.  Alinsky rules is the tactic & strategy of Bread & Circuses politics.


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Seth says
Alinsky tactics & strategy are all about bullying a meme/buzzword circulating in the news cycles more often these days. The Real Estate bubble might not have happened except that such tactics were used against lending institutions to force them to lend to people who were unqualified otherwise to have mortgages.  The lending institutions in response figured out how to upload to an insurance layer the risks thereof & the bubble ensued & busted.  Normally insurance is constrained so that only the payout of a policy is needs the premiums to cover it.  
Fast forward to the health care ponzi scheme we just got introduced to reality of recently.  The insurance bubble will collapse & then government steps in with the overhead of bureaucracy.

Seth says
What is fascinating about rules for radicals is that Alinsky's tactics polarize & treat their targets as literally the enemy.

Seth says
Saul Alinsky died over 41 years ago on the same day of the month as CFR. Things hopefully change at some point. 
Wikipedia: ...
Biographer Sanford Horwitt has claimed that U.S. President Barack Obama was influenced by Alinsky and followed in his footsteps as a Chicago-based community organizer. Horwitt asserted that Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign was influenced by Alinsky's teachings.[22]
... What do you people think community organizing came out of?

Seth says
seth 2013-10-22 07:06:22 16842
source: mark says
Alinsky rules is the tactic & strategy of Bread & Circuses politics.
The Alinsky rules are an arbitrary list of tactics that can be deployed against a powerful establishment.  Bread and Circuses is a term used in a SciFi novel to describe a fear some people harbor about democracy.  Me thinks the connection is in your mind only. - not arbitrary (or read it yourself if you can). Just because a paragraph is in a Science Fiction novel by a famous author does not mean it is without substance or the distinctions are invalid. The distinction about a mass of people voting for goodies from the government is born out by what is happening in today's government. It is what the Robing Hoodies behave like.

Mark de LA says
#HRCAlinsky ← for linking to a thread on her thesis.

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